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Every Mother’s Dilemma: Buying Children’s Clothes!

Buying clothes for children can be a headache… With their low attention span and ability to cry spontaneously it’s a surprise anyone manages to buy children’s clothes, when accompanied by children, without tearing their hair out! One way to beat your shopping woes is doing it online, where you have the luxury of time and you’re able to browse a couple of shops before committing to buying. With kids growing constantly it’s important to buy sensibly and know that you got the very best price after using our fantastic discount codes!

Children’s fashion came under the firing line last year after several stores were slammed for over-sexualising kids clothes in a bid to make more money. Whilst we understand a child’s desire to be grown up like many of the role models they aspire to, it is our job as responsible adults to ensure every child enjoys their childhood and that their innocence is protected. With role models such as Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry it is increasingly difficult to negotiate a happy medium with children who want to be like their hyper-sexualized idols. It’s time to collectively shun low cut tops, short skirts and bikinis for children so that in the playground they can concentrate on playing rather than who has the latest trend!

Here are some fantastic children’s clothes that tick all the boxes:


Next is a great place to shop when looking to get your child some new clothes. The attention to detail and styles of clothes make them a firm favourite with most parents. This pair of chinos will make a great investment for your child whilst looking great with the rest of his wardrobe. The age range starts at 3yrs and goes up to 16yrs, with prices from £11.50 – £16.50, depending on size.


Chinos are a comfortable item for your child that will allow them to go from playing outside to visiting grandparents without any fuss. Navy and other darker colours are great colours for kids as they hide any small scuffs and marks until you can put them in the wash!

Multipacks are a great way to stock up on basics when your child has had a bit of a growth spurt.


This four pack from Next would be a brilliant buy so you don’t feel like you’re burning money whilst your child grows! With four lovely colours in the multipack, you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth with each tee costing less than £4 each!

Kids love a hooded jacket, and H&M have a brilliant range that you can choose from.


This zip up blue jacket will keep your child cosy and comfortable and would be perfect to pull on before going outside. For a mere £6 you really can’t complain! It also comes in yellow, turquoise and green.

If you’re looking for a more heavyweight jacket for your child, this coat from Next is very reasonable, priced at around £30.

Kids Jacket

The anorak style is very popular at the moment and the colours are fresh and exciting. This coat is a practical buy that will keep your child happy!


H&M have a fantastic kids range that is colourful and fresh. They promote a great middle ground where your child will feel cool because the clothes embrace the playful aspect of childhood but the clothing is durable and stays looking new for longer.


This pair of trousers will look great on and the bright pink colour is eye catching and cool. You’ll never have to fear losing your child again! Trousers are a great choice for girls during the colder months and can be paired with a pair of cute boots to keep their little toes warm. This tee would keep your little madam very happy, who doesn’t love Minnie Mouse?

Minnie Mouse

H&M have a brilliant range of tees that feature cartoon favourites for less than a fiver so you can pick up a couple! Whilst it’s still freezing outside, it’s important that your child has a coat that will keep them properly warm.


This cute jacket will solve so many problems when you want to take your child outside to get rid of some of their energy! Waterproof, windproof, with a fleece lining and in a fantastic range of colours, this jacket is perfect for your little ones. The light blue with a butterfly print would look gorgeous on. Practical and cute, what more could you ask for!

Hopefully these suggestions will help you keep costs down when buying your children new clothes, be sure to check our website for discount codes so you can save even more money!

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