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12 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day 2022 on a budget

Ellie MacsymonsEllie Macsymons · Mar 14, 2022

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we’ve been thinking of ways you can celebrate your mum without spending a fortune.

Our penny-pinching team here at NetVoucherCodes have put together 12 savvy tips on how to celebrate Mother’s Day on a budget! With everything from homemade gifts to girl’s nights-in included, this year you have no excuse.

If you don’t have the money for a fancy gift or extravagant day out, why not invest your time instead? Our list of thoughtful gifts and affordable activities will bring the two of you closer together without the need for a big budget.

Give back to your mum with a meaningful experience or heartfelt gift and let her sit back, relax and enjoy her special day without any added pressures.

1) Make a homemade gift

Make a homemade gift

If you’re strapped for cash this Mother’s Day, why not make your mum a homemade gift? Spend some time on a DIY project or create something sentimental that she can keep forever.

Create anything from homemade beauty products like face masks, hand creams and sugar scrubs to cool accessories like candles and key rings. Turn your gift-making process into a fun day at home with the whole family. Check TikTok or Pinterest for ideas if you’re struggling and just give it a go! Remember, thoughtful gifts always mean the most.

2) Create a beauty hamper

Reuse an old basket or gift box and fill it with affordable beauty products that you know your mum will love. If you’re struggling for money, you could always use samples from beauty counters or buy her favourite products in mini travel-size versions. Decorate the basket with a beautiful ribbon, colourful tissue paper and a thoughtful card and you have a gorgeous budget gift!

3) Bake her a cake

Bake her a cake

Does your mum have a sweet tooth? Bake her favourite cake or traybake at home and decorate it with a heartfelt message. It doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact, the more homemade the better, as your mum will know you’ve put your own time into making it. As long as it tastes good, we’re sure she’ll love it!

4) Family photos

Fill up a scrapbook with pics from your mum’s favourite family holidays, events and occasions. Write little captions alongside each photo and let her reminisce about happy times with the family.

If you don’t think you’re creative enough to make a scrapbook why not create a collage on a photo app, print it and frame it? If you want to go a little further, buy some cheap frames and create a beautiful photo wall at home.

5) Give her car a clean

Set aside an hour or so, depending on how grubby it is, and give mum’s car a personal valet both inside and out. If you can manage to do it in secret, even better. If she doesn’t have a car, find that horrible job she’s been putting off or hasn’t had time to do and do it for her as a surprise! It could be anything from clearing out the spare room to organising the garage.

6) Makeover

Giver her a makeover

Is your mum always pestering you to do her hair or makeup? Now is your chance to make it up to her with a makeover. Do her nails, style her hair, pick out her outfit and get her feeling a million dollars for her special day.

7) Movie night

Movie Night

Mother’s Day activities don’t need to be expensive, as long as you’re in each other’s company, that’s all that matters. If you and your mum are both lovers of chick flicks or a certain franchise or series, why don’t you both get together for a movie night? Cosy up in your PJs, stock up on the treats and enjoy a few glasses of wine with a bunch of your favourite films.

8) At home gift vouchers

If you don’t have the money for a present, why not create some at-home gift vouchers that your mum can cash in throughout the day? These could involve you making a home-cooked meal of her choice, doing the chores or walking the dog. If you still live together and want to take it a bit further, why not write 12 ‘I owe yous’ and place them in a box. Your mum can then pick one out each month for you to complete.

9) Cook her dinner

If you don’t have the money to take your mum out for dinner this Mother’s Day, why not save a bit of cash and cook her a meal at home instead? Pick her favourite starter, main and dessert dishes and whip up something you know she’ll love. Why not invite the rest of the family along for a really memorable time? You can make a night of it with homemade cocktails, board games and even family karaoke!

10) Pamper day

Pamper Day

Spa days can be expensive, so save yourself some money and swap pricey spa treatments for an at-home pamper day! Set up a station in your front room, get your dressing gowns on and the cucumber out and treat your mum to a foot bath, massage and mani-pedi! You can even get your dad involved… employ him as the day’s masseuse and sip champagne with your mum while he pampers you both in your homemade spa.

11) Memory book

Everyone has favourite family memories that are talked about long after the event. Ask your family members to write them down and create a memory book for your mum. You can include photos from each occasion, personal messages, keepsakes and mementoes for a truly personalised gift that you know she’ll love.

12) Girls night in

Girls night in

Enjoy some quality mother and daughter time this Mother’s Day with a girl’s night in. Invite your mum’s friends and their daughters over as well as grandma and other female family members. Enjoy a buffet or a meal at home with plenty of music and alcohol. Play games, watch films, do some karaoke or just enjoy each other’s company and celebrate every mum in your life this Mother Day.

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