21 Clever Tips To Save Money on Makeup

If you find yourself to be a self-diagnosed makeup addict, you may want to start taking notes! The lust to buy the best brands on the market is apparent now more than ever before and the hefty price tags attached to these beloved brands can often be a costly affair. Whether you’re a luxury brand or a high street dupe kind of person, these tips & tricks will leave you feeling makeup-savvy in no time! And what’s more, you may even save some extra cash and get more for your money.

1. With mascara being so expensive these days, try cleaning and reusing an old wand that you like, then buy high street mascara and throw out the new wand. A great high street mascara is MaxFactor False Lash Effect and it can be bought from Superdrug or Boots.

2. Use baby shampoo to wash off your makeup instead of expensive makeup remover. It’s really cheap and safe on the eyes because most of them are tear-free.

3. If you find something you like, but it’s too expensive, try buying it from Amazon or eBay instead of the manufacturer as products are often much cheaper.

4. There’s an account on Instagram called @dupethat. They post tonnes of cheap dupes for high-end beauty products.

5. Joining mailing lists for the higher end makeup brands such as Clarins and Benefit to get periodic discounts.

6.TKMaxx has high-end brands like Stila, Too Faced and Living Proof for cheap.

tk maxx

7. Instead of buying expensive primers, use cheaper alternatives such as Nivea Post Shave Balm for Men.

nivea post balm

8. Get your free samples – Go to Google and type in ‘free makeup samples’, or ‘free makeup’. Many companies and Websites often advertise free samples. This is a great way to try a product before buying it in order to test the quality.

9. Recycle your old makeup packaging- Mac will exchange six empty MAC makeup containers of any kind (foundation bottle, lipstick tube, blush compact) for any one of their classic lipsticks. Lush also offer makeup recycling too.

10. Try using high street brands for everyday uses. Estee Lauder – Double Wear is one of the nation’s favourite foundations. Revlon Colorstay and L’oreal Infallible are great dupes for a fraction of the price.

11. Buy high-quality makeup brushes that will last you a lifetime, rather than cheap ones that’ll break easily.

12. Cut open bottles and packaging to make sure you use every last drop of product.

13. Take advantage of beauty loyalty cards. Cards worth having: Boots Advantage Card, Debenhams Beauty Club Card, Superdrug Beautycard.

14. You can often use everyday kitchen essentials as a cheaper alternative to must have beauty products. For example: mix coffee with your shower gel to create an exfoliating scrub, green tea bags to replace eye cream and even raw honey as a replacement for hydrating face masks.

coffee scrub

15. Buy the essential items you need in Bulk – Typically, buying in bulk or buying the largest size available saves you some money. If you do this for all your toiletries, you will see how the savings quickly accumulate- eg, makeup wipes.

16. Take the sifter out of powders to get everything out and the stopper that removes excess product out of your concealers and anything else that comes in a tube.

siffer the one

17. Shop around. Sticking to what you know means you may be spending a fortune on brands you love. Websites such as Fragrance Direct, Beauty Works & Lookfantastic can be cheaper.

mac makeup

18. Try simply using less product.

19. Follow your favourite beauty brands on social media. They’ll often post about upcoming sales and discount codes.

20. Take advantage of Student Discount if possible. Searching the web before buying in a store could save you some extra cash.

21. When you get to the end of your perfume and it won’t spray out of the bottle anymore, pour it into an unscented moisturizer to make it last longer.