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21 ways to save money on the cost of your Mobile Phone

Rebecca Bebbington·Aug 26, 2021

Whether we like it or not, mobile phones have seamlessly become part of our everyday lives. From texting the group chat to updating our socials, hosting meetings on the go or face-timing loved ones – most of us rely on our mobiles in one way or another.

And like everything in life, our mobile phones can set us back a pretty penny. Fortunately, Monthly Phone Contracts and SIM Only plans mean we can pick up the latest handsets at reasonable prices!

However, that’s not to say there aren’t plenty of ways you can reduce the cost of your mobile phone bill.

If you feel like you’re paying over the odds for your mobile phone, find ways you can reduce the costs when you sift through our 21 money-saving hacks!

1) Compare Mobile Deals

Always compare mobile phone prices

Compare, compare, compare! The best way to secure a great price on your next mobile is to compare prices and shop around. You will no doubt be surprised at just how much costs can vary from site to site – even with the same network!

Affordable Mobiles,, Carphone Warehouse, Mobile Phones Direct and Uswitch are fantastic for comparing the latest handsets across major networks! Choose a tariff to suit you or compare SIM-Only plans.

Time for an upgrade? Don’t be afraid to switch providers. If you find a better deal with a new network, you could save a fortune. Many top providers including EE, Three Mobile and Vodafone charge top whack for their services – ID Mobile, GiffGaff and Tesco Mobile can offer the exact same plan at a much cheaper rate.

It really does pay to compare prices, shop around and be organised. This simple step could save you a fortune when it comes to upgrading your mobile!

2) Use a Discount Code

Discount codes are a great way to save money on phone contracts, mobile accessories and even insurance, and with plenty of them kicking around, you can start saving right now.

Check out our Mobiles Category here at where you can shop through our wide collection of voucher codes. Discover great savings like 20% off phone accessories at Casetify as well as exclusive mobile deals at and ID Mobile that you won’t find listed on their website.

We regularly update our website with all the latest money-saving voucher codes and flash deals so you’re guaranteed to find savings from top retailers like Vodafone, O2, Carphone Warehouse or Virgin Mobile.

If you’re a student or you work for the NHS or Armed Forces, using apps like Unidays, Student Beans and Blue Light Card mean you can enjoy a whole range of discount codes and savings! Simply log in using your accredited details to gain access to hundreds of savings including money off phone contacts and so much more.

3) Consider going SIM-Only

Switching to sim-only can save you hundreds of pounds a year

It’s no secret that monthly phone contracts can be a costly affair, and while there are many benefits, it’s not always financially beneficial. As well as the cost of the service, you often end up paying over the odds for the phone itself. And with the typical contracts lasting up to 24 months, the costs can accumulate.

If you’re eager to get your hands on the latest handset, it may be worthwhile paying upfront for the phone, then taking out a SIM Only deal on top.

SIM Only plans are the cheapest way to own a mobile phone. While it may seem painstaking, try and work out the cost of paying upfront for your new mobile tied with a SIM Only plan compared with a contract phone.

If you can’t afford the upfront cost, consider whether you need a new handset at all. We often find ourselves wanting the latest device when in reality, the one we are already using is perfectly fine.

So, if your contract is ending and you’re considering getting a new mobile, ask yourself whether you need to upgrade. You could cut the cost of your monthly fee up to a third whilst enjoying all the same benefits of your current tariff when opting to go SIM Only.

4) Think about what you need

How much data do you use? Do you need the latest handset or are you happy to settle with the spec below? Consider exactly what you need before taking out your phone contract. Remember, you’re likely to be paying off your contract for up to 24 months so ensure it’s a price you’re happy to pay.

If you’re all for being frugal, opt for a mid-range phone as opposed to the latest spec! Consider how much data you will need each month and how much storage you will require.

All of these factors will reduce the cost of your monthly bill and you often won’t notice much difference between devices.

5) How much Data do you use?

Make sure you are connected to WiFi when watching movies on your phone

There’s no denying that ‘All You Can Eat Data’ sounds attractive right? But this simple marketing tactic is just another way to lead customers into paying more than they need to.

Based on your last phone contract, work out how much data you actually need and use. Consider where Wifi is available in your day to day life – home or at work? Unlimited Data may sound ideal but in reality, you’re unlikely to get through this amount each month.

Some networks offer to transfer any data you do not use onto your next month while some can cap your data once you have used your allowance. These are great if you opt for a lower data amount but be aware, these can come with extra charges.

6) Social Media Data

Choose a plan with all you can eat social media data

If you currently have a SIM Only plan or you’re thinking about switching to SIM Only, consider choosing VOXI over other major networks.

You may not like to admit it, but for most of us, our data allowance is spent checking our social media accounts! If you want to enjoy endless social media scrolling, watching and recreating TikTok videos or love tuning in to your favourite YouTube channels, choose a VOXI plan for as little as just £10 per month.

From just £10 a month, you can enjoy 5G connectivity, endless social media data, unlimited texts & calls plus EU roaming! If you’re a social butterfly, this is definitely a plan to consider.

7) Travel Regularly? Weigh up the Costs!

Check for deals where data roaming is included in your package if you love to travel

If you travel abroad regularly, you are probably best opting for a contract where roaming abroad is included. Since Brexit, new regulations mean you could be charged using your mobile data in 47 EU Countries.

Most new contracts including SIM Only plans offer EU Roaming or the option to add this on. Consider this if you travel often or you could be left paying up to £2 per day while travelling.

Don’t travel often? Many networks allow you to purchase a package for the specific time you’re travelling. Weigh up your options before committing to your new contract.

8) Beware of Upselling

Providers will try incredibly hard to upsell you, especially when you’re due an upgrade.

If your contract has come to end, consider whether you need to upgrade. Providers typically charge premium prices for upgrades. If you are wanting to get your hands on a new mobile, shop around! You will be surprised how much you could save.

9) Haggle!

Get on the phone and haggle your way to a cheaper price, don't be afraid to leave your current provider

If you don’t ask, you don’t get, right? If you have the ideal plan in mind, put it to your provider and see what they say! If your contract is up and you’re due an upgrade, haggle for a lower price. Or, if you find a better deal elsewhere, put that to your provider to see if they will match it!

Of course, your current provider wants to keep your custom, so why not haggle for a better deal. It’s their job to keep your business so there’s no shame in haggling.

10) Choose the Right Phone

Older models can also save you lots of cash

We all know the excitement of getting our hands on the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. However, most premium smartphones cost over £1,000 to purchase outright when they’re new, which means a mobile contract can cost you a hefty upfront cost and a pricey monthly fee.

Instead, why not choose last year’s handset? There is often not much difference between the latest spec and the one previous – except the price. Once manufacturers release a new phone, you will notice the price of the older models drop!

For example, the latest iPhone can set you back £60+ per month while last year’s model sits at around £30. That is a significant price drop and although it may not be the latest model, they’re still fantastic devices with great design and high spec features.

Shop around and if you’re happy to settle with last year’s model or handsets from the ‘mid-range, you’re guaranteed to see some serious savings.

11) Shop Second Hand

Providing a mobile isn’t locked to a network, buying second hand is a great way to save money! If you’re not fussed about owning the latest handset, you will often find people selling off older models at great prices.

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to search, or, ask friends or family members who are upgrading if you can buy their old mobile. Buy and sell sites like Gumtree and even eBay are great places to look too.

Once you get your hands on a bargain mobile, check out the fantastic SIM Only deals which offer great tariffs from as low as just £5 per month.

12) Keep your old phone

Keeping your old phone for an extra year can mean big savings

If it’s time for an upgrade but you can’t find fault with your current mobile, save money and keep it! If you’re not fussed about having the latest model, keeping your old mobile can save you a fortune.

The latest handset you have your eye on right now will probably be up to half price next year!

Going contract-free is the cheapest way to own a mobile. There are plenty of affordable Pay As You Go deals out there to ensure you can still browse the web, facetime your besties and update your socials without paying a fortune.

13) Shop in the Sales!

Great deals can be had online during sales periods

Another great way to save money on your mobile is to grab it in the sales! Black Friday and Cyber Monday and the perfect time to buy your mobile as practically all mobile retailers slash their prices for the event. You’ll find great bargains on monthly contracts, smartphones and SIM-only deals making it ideal for securing a bargain. Black Friday typically falls at the end of November so shop savvy and save the date!

14) Get a Refurbished Phone

Getting your hands on the latest handset is an exciting prospect, but also a very expensive one! If you want to grab the new iPhone or Samsung, why not opt for a refurbished model? Most mobile retailers offer contracts on ‘nearly new’ or refurbished mobiles. These mobiles are pre-owned but have been restored to their original, factory settings, meaning they’re practically as good as new.

15) Cap your Spending

Avoid any unexpected charges from accidentally going over your allowance by putting a cap on your spending. Many networks allow you to put a fixed cap onto your account meaning once you have used your allowance, you cannot go over. You will be notified when you are nearing your limit so you know to keep an eye on your usage. This is a great way to ensure you receive no nasty bills!

16) Shop around for Insurance

Dropping your phone can cost literally hundreds of pounds so insurance is worth it if your accident prone

Mobile Insurance covers you in case your phone is lost, stolen or broken. While these things are unfortunate, they do happen, which is why it’s always a great idea to take out an insurance policy.

Many providers will offer you their own insurance, which is often more expensive than taking it out separately. Using comparison sites like Go Compare can help you find the ideal price for you. Third-party companies like Protect Your Bubble are another great alternative, with insurance deals across a wide range of devices!

17) Get more for your money with Multi-Gadget Insurance

If you have multiple mobiles under one roof or have various gadgets in your households like mobiles, tablets or game consoles, why not take out a multi-gadget insurance plan?

Bundling up your gadgets under one policy is considerably more affordable than taking out separate policies. Great for families or those paying premium prices for individual plans.

18) Protect your Phone

Phone skins offer great protection and keep your phone in like new condition giving your phone more trade in value
Phone skins are a great way to keep your phone in great condition by adding more grip & protection against scratches. Image:

It may sound simple, but we all know how easy it is to lose grip of our mobile and before we know it, it’s on the floor! Shield your phone from damage and invest in a protective phone case and screen cover. These can be picked up online with thousands of cool designs to choose from.

Casetify and Xtreme Skins are great places to look online. You’re also guaranteed to pick quality cases up on the high street, or even on eBay or Amazon!

Invest now to save time, money and frustration in the long run! Plus, if your phone is kept in good condition, it will be worth more when you come to sell it.

19) Consider using Cloud Storage Plans

When you’re buying a mobile, the more built-in storage on offer, the more expensive it will be. But if you’re an iPhone user, Apple Storage Plans are affordable add-ons you can purchase to increase your storage when needed.

If you happen to run out of your available storage, you can purchase storage via the settings page for as little as just 70p! A great alternative to maxing yourself with a monthly plan and tons of storage.

20) Ensure longevity out of charging cables

Be extra careful when inserting your charger lead

We all know how flimsy chargers can be and there is really nothing worse than your charger failing on you. Replacement chargers can be expensive, especially if it’s more than once a year.

Here are a few simple steps to ensure longevity out of your charging cable:

  • Avoid tying your charger into a knot
  • Pay attention to how you connect and remove the cable
  • Try not to bend the cable while using your mobile
  • Purchase a reinforced cable
  • Keep a spare cable in the car to reduce the need to keep unplugging the same cable

21) Is it worth fixing?

It may be cheaper to fix up your old phone

If your mobile has signs of wear a tear or perhaps has a cracked screen or a faulty speaker, you’re probably counting down the days till you can upgrade. But, if your mobile is otherwise in great working condition and you’re not fussed about the latest model, why not have it repaired instead? You will often find repair shops in your local area with really affordable rates.

Once your phone is repaired, you have the option to go contract-free which is bound to save you a fortune.

Please do your research and look for any reviews before taking your mobile to a repair shop.

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