Beer. The undisputed beverage of choice for 99% of students. If you’re attending Uni for the very first time this year, then there’s a strong chance you’ll make friendships that’ll last a lifetime, bonds that’ll be with you through thick and thin. Your partnership with a frosty can of beer is the first friendship you’ll make and it’ll likely be with you until the end…or until your workload gets really, really hectic…

Why are students and beer so synonymous? The most obvious reason comes down to money and the mouth-watering beer bargains aimed at students. With nights out a regular occurrence, a budding Uni-goer will be forced to budget their spends on the drinks that’ll get them the furthest. Sure, you’d love to spend £20 on a bottle of high class spirit but when the same note can buy you 20 cans of beer, it doesn’t really make financial sense.

Worried about the stigma of drinking cheap beer? Relax. Here at NetVoucherCodes we’re constantly thinking of ways to make saving fun. So if you Savvy Students are stuck drinking budget beers for the next few years, here are 8 ways to look jaw-droppingly cool doing it. We’ve even included the odd Vine clip to help you on your way. Don’t worry, you can thank us when you’re sober.



This simple technique will shift the attention away from your budget beverage and let people know you mean business. It’s easy to do and very effective. Using a sharp object pierce a small hole at the bottom of your beer can, it should be no bigger than the width of your fingertip. Once the hole is made keep it plugged until you’re ready to drink, holding the can horizontally helps avoid spillage.

When you’re ready to chug, bring the hole to your mouth, crack open the can’s ring pull top and switch it from sideways to vertical. While gravity does the hard work all you have to worry about is slurping an entire can in a few mammoth gulps. Do this at your first big Uni party and you’ll make drinking inexpensive beer your new party trick.


Beer Hands
The best way to conquer any self-conscious feelings you may have about drinking cheap beer is to make the drink your own. Come out loud and proud as a lover of beer and no one will ever expect you to splash out on anything pricier. If they see you with a glass of wine in your hands they should think something’s seriously wrong and buy you a crate of beer as a gesture of goodwill. In fact, that’s a decent money saving trick…

But we’re getting distracted, where were we? Oh yeah, there’s no better way to declare beer your drink of choice than by playing Beerhands. This aptly titled game (if you consider ‘drinking lots’ a game) simply involves you duct taping a beer to each of your hands. If you need to use the old grabbers for the remainder of the night, you’ll have to do some serious drinking first. Makes bathroom trips particularly tricky though…

Power Hour

Want to prove your endurance levels without buying Asda’s most expensive, highest volume booze? Challenge your new friends to a Power Hour, the game that sorts the men from the milk-sipping little boys, and you’ll never have to prove your worth again. On paper the premise sounds simple – all you have to do is neck a shot of beer every minute for an hour. Can’t be that hard, right?

Well…since you asked, there are a few disconcerting factors. Pour your shot wrong (a task that’ll become trickier as you play) and you’ll get 60% beer and 40% foam. No problem in small doses, but around foam-shot number 15 you’ll feel like you’re going to burst. Secondly, half an hour in time seems to speed up, making the seconds between shots short and sweet. Don’t let these points deter you though. Complete a full Power Hour with your dignity intact and you’ll be the king of the campus. Sort of.

Dizzy Bat

Dizzy Bat
After something a little more challenging? You may want to try Dizzy Bat, a beer drinking technique that’s not for those with weak stomachs. However pull this one off and you’ll be the talk of the party, prompting others to follow in your footsteps and attempt to replicate your greatness. Firstly, you’ll need a bat. Traditionally, Dizzy Bat is played with an American baseball bat (or the like), however, us Brits could probably play just as easily with a cricket bat. No one fully understands the rules of Cricket anyway.

Start by making a big scene and loudly declaring that you’re ‘Dead good at Dizzy Bat’. After an intrigued crowd has challenged you to prove it, chug a can of beer whilst a willing spectator times how long it takes you to finish it. Then lean over and place your forehead on the top of the bat and spin around for however long it took you to finish the beer. If you survive that, get another audience member to throw the can towards you. If you hit it the first time, well done! If not, do three additional spins and try again until you succeed.

Straw Bottle Shoot

Bottle Shoot

Bottled beer is often cheaper than canned however it usually has less liquid in. Stuck with this cheaper option? No worries, we can still help you look cool. If you’re at a party or a bar, ask for a straw. Instead of drinking it, place it in the bottle and fold the bit that sticks out down along the side of the bottle’s neck. Hold the straw down firmly (without blocking its airflow) and gather a group of bystanders who you can show off your new trick too.

When you’re ready to shoot, simply bring the bottle to your mouth whilst keeping the straw held tightly to the bottleneck. The straw will create a gap for air to enter the bottle and this will send the beer shooting down your throat at high speed, allowing you to polish off your first beer of the night in mere seconds. When you’re all done you’ll be able to show people your next trick, a ten-minute long burp.

Beer Bong

Beer Bong

Arrive in Uni halls with a group of newbie students and chances are one of you will have brought some drinking game paraphernalia. If you’d like to be that thoughtful guy or girl and you’re already well aware that you’ll be spending the year drinking discount beer, then why not bring along a beer bong. You can buy these in the shops but they’re easy enough to make on your own if you’re really scraping the barrel.

All you have to do is get a length of tubing and a stick a funnel onto one end. Next, with your thumb blocking the open, non-funnel end of the tube, pour the contents of your beer can into the funnel. Get rid of any pesky air bubbles by alternately raising and lowering the funnel end of the device until you’re left with nothing but pure beer. We’d tell you the final step, but we’re sure you already know what it is.



This game is as stupid as it is brilliant and is guaranteed to turn a few heads at a party. If you and your best buddy beer are going to a studenty get-together at a mate’s house, why not bring the whole event down to your level of sophistication by playing Wizards. To start with, crack open your first can of the night and polish it off. When you’re done, grab some duct tape and stick your empty can onto the rear of your fresh one. Repeat this process until your stomach gives out.

You’ll soon be wandering the party like Gandalf The Gray…if Gandalf really, really liked Carlsberg and was getting steadily hungrier for a kebab. Guided by your ever-growing beer-staff, you can wander around the party spouting about how wizard-ly you look, whilst stroking your invisible beard and dispensing some sage pearls of drunken advice. All this will lead to that inevitable part of the evening where you shout ‘You shall not PASS!’ to anyone trying to enter the bathroom, annoying everyone who gets in your way yet remaining completely oblivious. Still, YOU’LL think you look cool, and that’s all that matters.



This unusual drinking trick is a nice twist on the Shotgun method mentioned earlier. Instead of piercing a hole at the bottom of the can, make a small, fingertip-sized opening at the top directly behind the ring pull at the back. Once made, keep your finger over the hole, this will be your ‘start/stop’ mechanism for drinking and the exotic misdirection technique that’ll distract people from the cheap beer you’re slurping.

When you’re ready to demonstrate your drinking prowess, crack open the can with your finger still blocking the hole. As soon as the can reaches your lips, unblock the hole. This will send air shooting into the can and beer firing down your gullet. Do this method correctly and an entire can of beer be transported from your hand to your belly in around 8 seconds. Impressive.

PLEASE NOTE: Of Course, WE offer these suggestions as a bit of a lark and wouldn’t WANT you to do anything to excess. You should always know when to call it a day. Stagger what you DRINK and try not to consume LOADS.o