Baby fever is definitely in the air at the moment with both celebrity and royal births in the news. Not to be outdone, we’ve also got some new bundles of joy to add to the Live Life For Less family. One of our super savvy staff members, Kelly, is awaiting the birth of her granddaughter and so she organised a baby shower. Kelly is definitely the champion when it comes to savvy shopping, she even puts me to shame, so I knew we were in for a treat. Take a look at how she created a fantastic party for 12 guests.

Baby Shower For A Girl


Creating A Theme

Deciding on a colour scheme will help enormously when it comes to shopping for all those little bits and pieces. Pink was the choice for Kelly, though there are various combinations you can choose which are non-gender specific – lemon works well or a mix of lemons and greens, or you could go for some bright and bold colours rather than pastels, if you prefer – the choice is yours. Having decided on a theme and the types of games/activities, we asked our guys in the graphics department to design some PDF printables for some of the decor pieces, games sheets and invitations – these have been done in a lovely pink theme but if you would like them in blue then drop us a line and we’ll happily oblige.

Try to create an area that will act as a focal point, a large table with a decorated backdrop, on which you can place your pièce de résistance – the nappy cake, the table will also act as a present display for all those lovely gifts the guests will bring, together with party bags and prizes for the guests.


There’s going to be a shopping trip to get all the things you’ll need, the majority of which can be done online, so make sure you’ve made a list of the items you require. To make things a little easier we’ve mentioned where Kelly got her purchases from, together with the prices, to help you out.

Other room decors will include banners, bunting and balloons.

Baby Shower Banner
The balloons were bought from Asda and were £1.00 for 15.
Balloon Curling Ribbon from Amazon was £1.88, including delivery, this is a great item to have and can be used for many things. Here it was used to tie groups of balloons together, fasten the party bags, as a finishing touch on the presents and to be hung as extra decor from the bunting. Plus you’ll probably have plenty leftover for any other projects you may have in the future.

Tablecloths for both the table and to attach to the wall behind the table to form a backdrop – these can be actual tablecloths or sheeting, either use what you already have available in your colour scheme or you could purchase some plastic tablecloths. A trip to Poundland also resulted in the purchase of cupcake bunting, paper plates, cups and bowls.

Party Bags

A little thank you for the guests, these can include a variety of fun and useful gifts and you can put together items that coordinate with your colour scheme if you wish. As the majority of guests would be female, Kelly opted for some girlie items, together with a fun one.

Cellophane bags these come in a bundle of 50, priced at £2.85 – which equates to 5p per bag.
Items for the bags –
Nail polish, at the time Superdrug had an offer of 3 for the price of 2 on all nail polishes and with some ranges only being at a £1 it was a great offer. Kelly opted for a mid-range price – Miss Sporty at £1.99, because of the offer this meant that each polish was bought for just £1.32 each.
To get free delivery the basket price needed to be at least £25, so a further search found some more items, some of which would be used for prizes.
Lip balm, this was on offer having been reduced from £1.39 to 99p each.

(Tip: Be savvy when you’re searching, Kelly entered the word “pink” into her search and altered the order from “low to high” – which was a great help in finding cost-effective products within her colour scheme.)

Sweets, “Nipple Sweets” – yes, you read that correctly! These are a great fun item to add, we got new labels made for a bit of fun – “Enjoy these sweet nipples!”.
The “nipples” are actually Mushroom sweets from Asda – on offer at 3 bags for £1. One bag has sufficient contents to be split into two, making each smaller bag just 21p. (I don’t think I will ever look at these sweets the same way again!)

The total cost for each party bag came to £2.57, that’s not bad going for all those goodies!


Again staying with the pink theme, a search for “milkshake” on Superdrug resulted in the following items:
Body Butter  – £2.05
Bath Creme – £2.05
Hand Lotion – £2.00
Single serve “pink” wine bottles from Asda, £2 each or 3 for £4 – making them £1.33 each.

Baby Shower Activities


Baby Vest Decorating – personalise and write cute messages on a range of vests.
4 packs of 3 plain baby vests, vary the sizes so you have a range that will last throughout the year. Matalan has a great offer of £3 for a pack of 3. (Both Mothercare and Asda were £5 for a pack of 3 vests) For the decorating of the vests and of the nappies you’ll also need the following:
Tulip Multi Puffy Set – pack of 6 was £8.86 from Amazon
Sharpie Fine Permanent Marker Pens In 24 Assorted Colours – Limited Edition Set – from Amazon, £14.96

So now that you’ve got all the shopping done there are a few other things to do before the big day – the party I mean, not the birth!

Preparation Before The Day

  • Make the Nappy Cake – use this video as a guide.

Kelly used a pan, a Celebrations tub and a wash basket to get the right sizes. She bought a box of Pampers, though admits she was slightly disappointed due to the fact that they had a mint pattern on the nappy – this would be great if doing a mint or lemon/mint theme, but she wanted plain white. She’s since found out that Boots do a plain white nappy, do you know any other brands? Let us know in the comments box below.

  • To copy Kelly’s design you’ll also need: 3m of wide plain pink ribbon, 3m of polka dot ribbon, ½ m of teddy bear ribbon plus some baby themed appliques, these were all purchased from her local market. Pink baby bootees (£2), pink dummies and a small teddy were all bought from Asda.
  • Print out the free printable PDFs – see below for the list. The “Baby Shower” bunting will need to be glued or taped around some string or ribbon.
  • Make all the party bags.

Preparation On The Day

  1. Make and prepare your food.
  2. Blow up the balloons and put up the decorations

Party Plan Notes

A handy guide for the running order of the party:

  • A good icebreaker to get the party going is the “Nappy Game – What’s Baby Been Eating?” – give a prize to the winner

Team games – for groups of 2 or 3.

  • Name The Animal Babies –  2 or 3 prizes needed.
  • Nursery Rhyme Anagrams – 2 or 3 prizes (this game is a great one to do just before serving the buffet, as you can leave the guests to play the game, giving you time to do any last minute food prep)

Food & Drink

At this point, the mother to be can open the gifts in front of everyone.
Other activities –

  1. Decorate the baby vests
  2. Write messages on the “late night nappies”

(These two activities could be run together, especially if you have a large group and are short on tablespace)

  • Hand out party bags to everyone.

Click the links below for FREE printable pdf: Don’t forget if you’d like them in a blue theme just let us know.

Free Baby Shower Printables