Christmas is moments away and the New Year is almost upon us…2017! Who’d have thought it? Shouldn’t we have been all wearing Silver by now and travelling by Flying Cars? I mean, that was the dream, right? We are the Technology Generation and yet it is evolving so quickly sometimes it’s tough to keep up! It’s probably a good thing we haven’t quite reached the lofty heights of flying automobiles yet, I’m not sure many of us would pass the test!

While Technology continues to progress and the Millennials slowly take over the world, there is a haven for mere mortals like you and I…it’s called Hawkin’s Bazaar. But what can this place be? Well, I’m glad you ask! Sure at first glance it looks like your average website selling toys for kids but no, that’s a front. Well, they couldn’t just go ahead and outright say we are Hawkin’s Bazaar and we sell toys for adults, could they? That is not the done thing! Adults are grownups, they are sensible, they have bills to pay and many, many responsibilities. So, they were sneaky, they dedicated part of the site to the little humans (the ones who don’t pay anything towards the bills) and the rest, well that’s just for us…

At Hawkin’s Bazaar, you can indulge your childish fantasies whilst remaining a bill-paying, rule-following, law-abiding grown up. Here are just some of the amazing toys products on offer at Hawkin’s Bazaar:





Syma X5HC Drone with Camera and altitude hold hover function

Only £60.00



Load up Ecto-1 and chase down ghouls with the Classic Ghostbusters RC Car

Only £40.00



Enter virtual worlds with the Immerse Plus VR Headset and experience something new

Only £19.99



Press down on this Super Mario Light to illuminate the iconic question mark block from the game

Only £25.00

But if gadgets aren’t your thing then fear not because Hawkin’s Bazaar has got you covered. From Novelty Lighting to Character Gifts you are sure to satisfy your inner child. Did I mention that they have a department dedicated to Star Wars? I’ll just give you a moment to let that process…

Ok, you good? As I was saying AN ENTIRE CATEGORY DEDICATED TO STAR WARS! Now, if you are a geek like me this is just too much. So why delay? Go see for yourself just how Hawkin’s Bazaar can enrich your life today…….psssssst it’s almost payday!