PRESS RELEASE: 10th December 2014

Women shell out for office party

British women splash out £370 to look good for their office Christmas party, a new poll has found.

The survey, by moneysaving site quizzed a focus group of women on how much they were prepared to shell out for the annual party.

The dress came out as the top spend with those quizzed happy to fork out around £100 for the perfect LBD, with many admitting to buying a new dress every year.

Accessorising was another big outlay with shoes, bag and jewellery coming in at £140.

The women did claim they would only buy accessories they’d wear with other outfits admitting that £140 was a lot just for one night out.

Getting their hair and nails done added over £100 to the bill with the women spending up to £90 for a cut, colour and blow dry at the salon and £25 on a set of gel nails to make their talons look gorgeous.

Make up costs were low with those quizzed saying they’d use whatever was in their make-up bag although some did confess to buying a new lipstick and set of false lashes.

The majority of the women, 96%, did say these weren’t one off purchases and they would wear everything again.

Just four per cent confessed to the office party outfit getting shoved to the back of the wardrobe never to be seen again.

Questioned on why they were happy to splash out, reasons included wanting to keep up with the other women in the office, to make a good impression on a male colleague and to look different to how they look every day.

One respondent said: “We only go out as a team once a year so I always want to look my best and create a good impression. The amount I spend isn’t a lot really. They’re always items I’ll wear again. The real luxury is having my hair done just for a party, but what’s Christmas without a few treats along the way?”

A second commented: “The work party is the one time of the year we all get to let our hair down so of course I want to look my best. I’d never recycle an old outfit for the do either. An eagle eyed colleague would be sure to notice.”

Another added: “I never fork out for a whole new outfit. Instead I borrow something from a friend or just treat myself to some new heels or a nice bag. That costs me a fraction of the price my colleagues are spending and looks just as good.”

A spokesperson from said: “We all want to look amazing over Christmas and it’s lovely to be able to splash out on a whole new outfit just for the party season.

“However, you can look good without spending so much. Borrowing from a friend is a great idea, as is buying just a few items to give an existing outfit a new look.

“It’s also worth seeing what you can snap up in the pre-Christmas sales, and remember, always look for a discount code before you buy. You’ll be surprised at just how much you can save.”

Full results:

Dress – £100

Shoes – £60

Bag – £30

Accessories – £50

Hair – £90

Nails – £25

Make –up – £10

Eyelashes – £5

TOTAL = £370

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