A survey carried out by NetVoucherCodes.co.uk has found some mouth dropping facts.

Sat in drawers, on book shelfs and stuffed in DVD holders all across the UK sits 5.5 billion pounds in unwatched DVDs!

It seems that our thumbs are being given a rest too, with 1.6 billion pounds worth of video games sat in the same crammed drawers as the lonely DVDs – still in their cellophane too. Men are the richest when it comes to DVD and Video Game wealth compared to Women, however, we are pretty certain that if this was a survey on Shoes – Women would come out on top (and they wouldn’t be catching dust on a shoe shelf either!)

If you are interested in just how far and how high these unused DVDs can travel and reach when put together, then take a look at the Infographic below and see for yourself just how many unloved DVDs are waiting to be unwrapped…


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