With Easter fast approaching chocolate lovers everywhere are waiting eagerly to see which gorgeous confection they will receive. Will it be a representation of the Easter Bunny, a Spring Chick or the more traditional Easter Egg? Having said that, how traditional are Easter eggs?

The giving and receiving of chocolate eggs at Easter began in the late 19th Century, but the use of eggs at Easter began much earlier. Early Christians used eggs, which had been stained with red as a symbol of the resurrection of Christ. It is said that the egg represents both the empty tomb and also “life”; with the idea being that from the egg comes new life.

There appears to be a difference of opinion on whether the use of the eggs became popular through Christianity and religion or whether they were in use in earlier Pagan times to celebrate rituals relating to fertility and rebirth; which would also have been performed around Springtime.

Either way, eggs have been associated with Easter for centuries, and have progressed from chicken eggs dipped in simple dyes to beautifully hand painted eggs. Various games have evolved using the eggs – easter egg hunt, egg rolling and egg tapping. If you haven’t heard of the last two then here’s a quick account – egg rolling is generally done somewhere with a small hill/mound, the eggs which will have been hard boiled and decorated, are sent rolling down the hill with the winner being the one which reaches the bottom first. Egg tapping is a game whereby hard boiled and decorated eggs are tapped against one another, the objective of the game is for your egg to survive without cracking. Ceramic eggs are available and cardboard moulds which can be filled with gifts and sweets and of course let’s not forget the fabulous gold encrusted Faberge eggs! In fact, eggs are everywhere!

But let’s go back to the chocolate ones – whilst chocolate has been around for centuries the chocolate we know and love today is in a different form to its original. It was in the early 1800s that chocolate became the edible stuff we love today, progressing from simple solid bars to intricate delicacies with fillings and flavourings.

Thorntons Egg

Thorntons is Britain’s best loved chocolate maker and has been around for over 100 years. They produced their first chocolate Easter egg in 1922 and back then they made them really personal by icing them with names, just as they continue to do today! Thorntons is not only famous for its chocolate but its Special Toffee is also pretty special. The original recipe dates back to 1924 when Stanley Thornton began making and selling the very same Special Toffee you know and love today. In 1954 Thorntons employed their first Master Chocolatier from Switzerland, a man named Walter Willen, who helped them to develop their Swiss Assortment, which today is known as Continental – again another favourite that is still going strong. With over 500 stores in the UK, Thorntons is a firm favourite on the high street and now their delicious chocolates can also be bought online and in supermarkets around the country.

Here at NetVoucherCodes we have quite a few chocolate lovers in the office, yours truly included, and we were very lucky to receive a Thorntons Tons ‘O’ Toffee Egg.

We couldn’t wait to get it open and indulge….

Chocolate Egg

And the overall verdict is… that the egg is a resounding success – delicious chocolate and crunchy toffee, what a great combination! The chocolate is smooth and creamy and simply melts in your mouth leaving you with toffee bits to either chew or crunch.
Whilst some felt that they would have preferred more toffee, it still received top marks and well….let’s just say it didn’t take long before it was all gone! It’s definitely going to be on my wish list!

If you’re not a lover of toffee or want something a little different then they have three others in this range to choose from – Full ‘O’ Fudge Egg, Black Forest Gateau Egg and Trifle Egg.

Well those people at Thorntons are certainly a clever lot, combining one of their most popular toffees with a chocolate egg, what more could you possibly ask for? A money saving offer? Well they did that too! The eggs retail at £9.99 each but they are currently on offer at 3 for £20. Plus here at NetVoucherCodes we have an offer code with 15% off at Thorntons. (Valid until 8/3/12)

Thorntons Ton 'O' Toffee