Which Cheap Energy Drinks Are The Best?

Uh-oh, somehow it’s 3am and your 4000 word essay is due in at 9am sharp! Right now you have two options. The first is to admit defeat. Who are you kidding? It’s nearly tomorrow and you’re nowhere near reaching your goal. There’s no way your feeble little brain can muster any more words in your fleeting time frame. Your procrastination reached an all time peak, the cat videos won, it’s past your bedtime. Call it quits and let the tomorrow ‘You’ deal with the consequences. You tried your best…sort of.

You could do that..or you could see what option two has in store. Simply refuse to quit. Reach deep, stay up until dawn and write the most basic, barely legible- we mean SPECTACULAR essay you can manage. If you’ve picked this option, well done. A rough road lays ahead but complete this student ‘rite-of-passage’ and you’ll have an undergraduate war story for the ages. It certainly won’t be easy and it goes without saying that a little liquid back up is needed…

Energy Drinks.

Energy drinks have quickly become the saviour of every student stuck in a deadline ditch. But when funds are low, which store’s own brand of brain juice is best? We had a look at the array of options out there to discover which bargain label energy drink is worth pouring into your body. Because when the going gets tough, the tough get recklessly caffeinated.


Name: Blue Charge
Price: £0.50/250MlAsda Blue Charge

Comments: Gulp down this discount drink and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. We tried the sugar free version. The can claimed that its contents were citrus flavour however we weren’t convinced. The drink itself had the tangy and acidic qualities typical of an energy drink but with a much gentler aftertaste. Unlike most cheap drinks of this kind, we doubt the acidity of Blue Charge could melt a tooth any time soon.

The taste is by no means undrinkable and the reward you get for chugging it down is worth the tested taste buds. Once Blue Charge lands in your belly you quickly get a second wind. Like all good caffeinated drinks, it made the world seem cheery again and allowed us to complete a healthy chunk of writing in no time flat.

As for the inevitable caffeine-come-down, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t expecting the worst. After all, such a pristine and productive high could only be followed by a devastating low. A grumpy evening surely lay ahead. However much to our surprise there was little to no post-liquid lull to be found, making this a top contender. Well played Blue Charge, well played.


Name: KX
Price: £0.69/250MlTesco KX

Comments: Not to be outdone by it’s bum slapping rival Asda, Tesco has come up with its own energy drink, but how do they compare? Having cracked open a can of KX our thoughts immediately turned to taste. This was the full sugar version but even so it was pretty darn sweet. Gone was the Asda acid zing and in its place a mellower, citrus flavour that was easier on the pallet. So far so…sickly sweet.

Its hard to imagine that KX got its barnet boosting abilities from the (somewhat) reputable energy sources like taurine and guarana. Those ingredients are definitely in it, but we got the distinct feeling that the short lived energy push you get from this bevvy is probably nothing more than a glorified sugar rush. Little work was actually completed during the brief amount of time we were under its influence, making it a poor choice for essay medicine.

But then again, what did we expect? After all, this 69p can wasn’t going to have us beating The Flash in a 100 metre dash any time soon and it’s barely noticeable wear-off lull makes its lack of useable energy almost forgivable. That said, if you want to save 19p, you’d be better off heading to Asda.


Name: Blue Bolt
Price: £0.59/250MlSainsburys Blue Bolt

Comments: Sainsburys’ energy drink is cheaper than its Tesco rival by a whole 10 pence. Choose this one and you’ll be rewarded with a burst of flavour…well about as much flavour as any bargain bin energy drink can hold. Sarcasm aside, it’s certainly the fruitiest of the bunch and manages to keep that sour citrus sting on the down-low for the most part. It also comes in two other flavours – Mango & Passionfruit and Cherry & Blackcurrant. It’s not often you get so much energy drink variety for under a quid…

But what does it do to your energy levels? After all, that’s the why we’re here. Following a few sips you’ll start to feel it kick in, providing a smooth caffeine buzz that doesn’t completely frazzle your brain. Productivity wise, we got quite a bit done while the boost lasted. This liquid essay assistant helped us to get our heads down and actually do some work. Finally!

But it wasn’t long before the boost faded away, leaving us feeling mildly lethargic. And we do mean mildly. It’s important to note that none of the drinks we sampled will leave you majorly strung out if drunk in moderation. Blue Bolt didn’t give us headaches but failed to tick as many boxes as Asda’s Blue Charge. Maybe it’s because the latter has a Rhino on the can and Sainsburys’ one doesn’t, we’ll never truly know. All things considered, Blue Bolt confidently takes home the silver.

Do you drink energy drinks? If so, which ones are your favourites and why? Let us know!