Guide To Having A Last Minute BBQ

It’s home time, it’s still sunny, it’s time to get outside and dust off the barbie!

There are few things better than spending some stolen time in the evening sun while enjoying a bite to eat. Thankfully summer has finally arrived; allowing us to extend our garden excursions to beyond weekend hours. With the glorious weather lingering a little longer each day, there’s no reason why you can’t pick up the essentials and get cooking straight after work. So if all the sunshine you’ve experienced today has been filtered through an office window, take a sneaky look at our blog before heading home. Our handy hints and tips can show you how to perfect the art of the last minute BBQ!

Bargain Barbies.

If you consider yourself a bit of an amateur outdoor chef then chances are you’ll already have a BBQ kicking around your back garden. The make, model and technical specs (or lack thereof) aren’t important – we’re aiming for spontaneity here and that means anything will do. Similarly if you’re without a useable BBQ don’t fret, there are plenty of inexpensive options available…

Cheap Coal BBQs

If you’re likely to have more than one impromptu BBQ during the summer months, try and get to a shop on your home-time commute. A handful of sunshine stints don’t quite warrant splashing out on a high-end model, however if you’re likely to have more than say, two or three, then it would make sense to buy a cheap one that will last you through the summer.

The big chain supermarkets are often open late into the evening and boast an array of options. Asda have a great £8 pop-up grill in a variety of colours and Tesco have a simple £10 grill that’s easy to use and store away. If these places are out of reach, then Argos offers a model similar to that of Tesco at just £9.99.

Disposable BBQ

Planning a one off grill? Then a disposable BBQ would probably be the best choice. These can be picked up anywhere from petrol stations to Spar’s and express supermarkets, they are usually priced anywhere in the region of £3-£5. Their ease of access and simplicity to light up and use make them perfect for picking up straight from work.

But what if you’re not going home? Tesco have recently started selling some great bucket barbecues that are ideal for using whilst sat in the sunshine at your local park or beach. Priced at just £8, these Portable Charcoal Bucket BBQs come in a variety of stylish colours and have a carrying handle for ease of access. They even have foot rests to help avoid causing any accidental damage to your last minute bbq zone.


Homemade Brick BBQ

Unable to locate any of the above? Improvise! If you have a few bricks littering your garden (or surrounding area), put them to use by fashioning them into a squared off horse shoe shape and building it as high as your brick allotment allows. Next, borrow the grill from your oven and place it on top of the structure. By burning your coals below the grill, you’ll have a great makeshift BBQ in no time.

Alternatively if you can’t find any spare bricks try to locate a vacant clay plant pot and use it as a house for your charcoal. Once it’s burning away, place your oven grill over the the rim of the pot and cook your BBQ food using this method. This is a great way to get cooking for cheap and allows you to spend any spare cash you do have on food, drinks or desserts!

Oh, and don’t forget…

The most important ingredient to any outdoor cook-out is of course, the food! A last minute BBQ can be a great excuse to raid the freezer and free up some space by utilizing all the stuff you stuck in there to use at a later date. Have a good search and see what can be salvaged, you may be surprised with what you find. Additionally, a quick trip to your local supermarket should be able to provide you with the BBQ basics of burgers, sausages, chicken, seasoning and drinks that are guaranteed to top the night off nicely.

Be sure to keep an eye out as we’ll be posting more BBQ related posts over the next few weeks. With a little help, we can show you how to make the most of two of our favourite things: food and sunshine!

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