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If you’re looking for attractions and new places to visit in the UK take a look at our infographic, which shows every county’s top tourist attractions according to Tripadvisor. We’ve put together a map of the UK to show which areas excel in different things to do, so if you’re a sports enthusiast, beach lover, museum fanatic or admirer of wildlife, you will know exactly where to head in the UK.

Whether you live in the UK or you’re a tourist, this map can give you a great incite into what you can discover in this extremely diverse country, for some of you most of the attractions and things to do will be right on your doorstep. You may be surprised at the vast amount of places you’ve never even heard of or knew existed, for instance, did you know that there are six bird sanctuaries in the North of the UK and that North Yorkshire is the best place for museums? You may not be so surprised to hear that the beautiful valley of Glen Coe in the Highlands is the best location for outdoor pursuits and Devon, Rhossili Bay and Ceredigion are the best spots for beaches. However, you may not have known that there are castles and historical sites in nearly every part of the UK and that the best place for food and drink, according to TripAdvisor, is in Perth and Kinross and Fife.

Discover landmarks in Wrexham, theatre and arts in Renfrewshire, Warwickshire and Cornwall, parks and gardens in Northumberland, zoos in Essex, Pembrokeshire and many more locations as well as motoring and transport attractions and activities in Moray. You can view every county’s top ranked attractions on Tripadvisor and find them here, and plot your route around the most popular tourist destinations in the UK.