Give It Some Welly!

Over the past few years wellies have gone from a sensible footwear choice favoured by farmers for outdoor work and hunting to being seen all over the high street! Whether we can blame the popularity of summer festivals, cheap camping holidays or the unpredictable weather, there’s one thing for sure… wellies don’t half have some welly in the fashion stakes. With most high street stores jumping on board with their own styles, you can now get fashionable looking feet whilst knowing you’re unlikely to develop trench foot or other foot related nasties whilst trudging through the mud at your favourite festival or campsite! If you’re yet to jump on the wellington wagon, here’s a few of the very best out there.

Cult Classics

MINTED: If you’re looking for the cult classics, look no further than Hunter wellies. These boots are the very same seen on Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Moss. Carey Mulligan even wears hers on the cover of June’s issue of Bazaar magazine! Available in almost every colour you could imagine, these boots are renowned for their durability and comfort. Priced at around £85, these welly boots are expensive but would be a worthy investment piece if you’re fond of the great outdoors! Find them at Office where you can pick your favourite colour and leg length. Hunters Wellies SKINTED: Love the classic shape of Hunter wellies but unable to spend nearly £100 on a pair of boots you might only wear a handful of times a year? Never fear, there are alternatives out there that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Try Sports Direct for some classic wellies, these are available in black or purple and will do the job just nicely for only £16.99! A huge £68 saving from buying the original Hunter wellies! Want to jazz up your wellies and make them look like the real deal? Invest in some Hunter welly socks! Made to ease any rubbing, these fleecy socks fold over the top of your boots to eliminate any friction caused by wearing wellies! An easy, cheap and rather cunning way of making your boots look far more expensive than they really were. Available at Office, these socks cost a jaw dropping £17 but can be paired with any old wellingtons! If you buy the Sports Direct boots and pair with these socks, instead of opting for the Hunter wellies, you would save a cool £51!

Glamour Wellies

MINTED: If you like your wellies to fit seamlessly into your wardrobe then Posh Wellies are for you! This collection of wellingtons come in a great range of colours and have a few different themes so you can choose a pair that are perfect. This brown pair would look great with jeans or even with a summer dress. The wrap around ribbon really makes these wellies stand out and look original, they also have some nautical striped wellies that are really cute too! Priced at £65, these boots are on the higher end of the spectrum but would be a brilliant buy for a lady who likes to look good whilst roughing it! Great Wellies SKINTED: These cherry red Deichmann wellies would be a great buy if you like your wellies bright and colourful! Priced at a very reasonable £14.99, this pair of wellies will cheer any outfit up, no matter what the weather! These wellies would also be a great buy if you’re a bit arty and would like to customise and make your wellies unique! Just grab a marker pen and get doodling and voila! A personalised pair of wellies that no one else is going to have!

Boot Look

MINTED: Renowned for the quality and comfort of their boots, Dr Martens really are a brand worth buying into and their recent experimentation into the wellington department is no different. For £85, you get a fantastic quality welly that will last you years to come. Available in bumble bee yellow, classic black, bubblegum pink and authentic maroon, there are a pair to suit every style! Great Cheap Wellies SKINTED: If you like the idea of wellies that look more like boots then this pair of biker welly boots will be right up your street. At an amazing £14, these Matalan wellies would look amazing paired with most outfits in your wardrobe and would save you a pretty penny too! FOR THE KIDS With ever growing feet, it’s illogical to spend a fortune on childrens footwear, making it important to know the best places to shop when looking for wellies. Try Tesco for these £9 wellies that won’t break the bank! With a selection for girls and boys that are colourful, fun but most importantly, practical, these wellies will be the perfect companion for puddle jumping on a rainy day! Kids Wellies