A Baby Shower is special celebration to commemorate the journey leading up to the arrival of your baby and is a wonderful way to create cherish-able moments with those you love before your bundle of joy is welcomed to the world.

What better way to hold onto those memories than with some playfully fun guessing and well wish games. With our selection of Predication Cards and Parenting Advice Cards, you can hold onto all the excitement and anticipation of pregnancy, look back on the fun and one day share with your little one.

Keep your guests entertained and have them predict and guess you baby’s weight, it’s arrival date or let them share their own advice and experiences with you! A Baby shower is much more than just a social gathering, it’s a unique celebration which can really help put new parents in a positive mind-set for their new arrival so have fun and create moments which will last a lifetime.

Wishes for Baby

Download PDF – A6 x 4 on an A4 sheet

Advice for Parenthood

Download PDF – A6 x 4 on an A4 sheet

Who knows Mummy best?

Download PDF – A5 x 2 on an A4 sheet

Predictions for the Baby

Download PDF – A6 x 4 on an A4 sheet