First Choice launch fantastic Free Child Place tool to take the strain out of booking a family holiday.

Like many people out there I have three children, now whilst I wouldn’t swap them for the world they do cost me an arm and a leg. Never more so than when it comes to us sitting down to book a family holiday.

Searching the many websites out there can be a nightmare, especially if you’re not really bothered where you go as long as it’s hot, has cold beer and a decent pool. And with your average 10 day break costing in the region of £850pp a family of five can cost you a small fortune.

Thats where free kids places are an absolute godsend, and now there’s never been an easier way to quickly find them than at the First Choice website.

The tool is brilliant, just put in your party size, where you want to fly from, how long etc and the list of available holidays is narrowed down, think of it like searching in reverse, they initially show you all the free child places and you can narrow it down to find the perfect holiday.

Meaning a massive 20% saving for my family on our next holiday straight away, now have we got any live first choice voucher codes cause I really need a holiday!

You can check out the Free Child Place finder here.