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Spring is on its way and I’m sure we will all be looking forward to some milder weather! For keen gardeners it’s a busy time, with sowing and planting, harvesting fruits and general garden maintenance. It’s also time to clean that garden furniture or perhaps invest in some new pieces.

Gardens are multifunctional – they can be anything from a playground for children or a relaxing oasis. For some, the garden is an extra room to be utilised and used to its full extent. Garden furniture not only allows you to enjoy the beauty of your garden but it can give an extra dimension to your lifestyle – alfresco dining, barbecues and social occasions can all be located outside if you have the right furniture.

Garden furniture can range dramatically in both price and style, so where should you start? There are numerous garden centres, both independent and large chains but the best place to start may be online, where you can view the different styles and get a feel for the price variations.

After all, it certainly pays to shop around!

So I set myself a bit of a challenge to have a look at what I could get for my money – I decided to look for a dining set. The most expensive I found was priced at over £5000 and that had been reduced! Whilst it looked lovely it certainly didn’t fit in with our theme of “Living Life For Less”. And so the search began…

Staying with the top end of the price range is this Mercury garden set, from Garden Furniture World, which includes an aluminium framed dining set with a glass top table and 6 rattan armchairs. If you have the space this would make a lovely addition to any garden, enabling you to enjoy nature and relax outdoors. Currently priced (at time of writing) at £1229.99, but was originally priced at £2183.99, making a saving of £954!
Garden 3

Whilst that would be a great saving to make, I continued to look and then found the Venice (below), being sold through The Range, which has a price tag of £899.99. A difference in price of £330.

The Mercury Dining Set and the Venice Reclining Dining Set look very similar in style, but the Venice has the added benefit of two of the chairs being recliners.

So you get an extra benefit and yet the price is cheaper!

With the price range still being pretty high it would be remiss of me not to search further and see if I could find any Garden Voucher Codes to lower the cost.

I found this Sienna Dining Set, from Gardens and Homes Direct, priced at £639.99 (originally £799.99), by using a 5% discount code this brings the price to £607.99.

Garden 1

The style is slightly different than the two previous ones, but the materials are still aluminium and it has the rattan effect. It has an all weather resin, making it low maintenance and the table has a hole for a parasol. The main difference is the style of the chairs, but this can work in your favour as in this set the chairs are able to fold; enabling you to fold and store them.

Compare this to the price of the Mercury Set and the difference is £622, double the price of the Sienna!

So whatever your style preference, take a look at your garden and utilise that space. Whether you go for a simple bistro set to a full dining option or even if you prefer loungers, get out there and enjoy your garden!

Note: All prices and codes valid at time of publication. Click here to check out our garden section.

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