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The UK’s Spookiest Sightings

John StirzakerJohn Stirzaker · Oct 18, 2021

The UK’s Spookiest Sightings

It is nearing oooky spooky season, so we thought we would tell you about some of the UK’s most prolific hotspots for sinister ghost sightings ahead of all Hollow’s Eve.

We have looked into sightings across the UK, to help the ghost hunters amongst us to plan a trip, but also highlight some the eeriest spots in the country so the cowardly can avoid.

We usually use our researching skills to spot the best deals, get bargains on big-branded goods and help you save cash. But this month, we spent some time researching a staggering 12,000 ghost sightings that have been reported recently across the UK. 

The full data is available at the bottom of this blog post, so make sure you look up how many haunts have been reported in your area.

Some of the spooky sightings include unsuspecting Brits experiencing a horrifying, mysterious cloaked figure dragging them slowly across their hallway and an alarming shadow that throws itself out into the danger of oncoming cars.

Annie Chapman (born Eliza Ann Smith; 25 September 1840 – 8 September 1888) – Image: Wikipedia

These strange goings on have been reported in hotels, forests, on roads or in the comfort of one’s own home. No matter where they appear, spotting a spirit is likely to send shivers down anyone’s spine.

Ghost sightings in the UK go way back to the 1930s when a witness claimed to have spotted Annie Chapman, the second victim of Jack the Ripper.

Since then, people have been obsessed with visiting haunted houses and spotting something sinister. People are actively seeking ghost hotspots in the hopes of having an eerie experience first-hand and others will just be interested in knowing the number of ghost sightings in their area.

Our research has found that the number of ghost sightings across the UK are quite high, with a fair number of sightings in each region.

NetVoucherCodes Ghost Sightings across the UK

1) South West (2,137 total sightings)

The South West seems to be the eeriest region of the UK with over 2,000 ghost sightings, landing first place on the list. 

Diving deeper into the data shows that amongst the South West, Dorset is the county that has the most sightings, 433 to be exact. A 2014 sighting recalls a driver slamming on his brakes as a shadowy figure ran in front of a car and as the figure disappeared, his legs seemed to vanish. The incident is said to have taken place along the B3157.

2) East of England (1,776 total sightings)

Essex has seen 499 ghost sightings, the most in the region and Suffolk isn’t far behind with 411 and it’s known for several chilling encounters. 

Orwell Bridge just south of Ipswich in Suffolk, England

In 2013, a driver on the A12 was travelling towards Orwell bridge when he witnessed smoke slowly rise and form into the shape of a young man who had died nearby.

3) South East (1,664 total sightings)

Since the 1970s, many people have reported a plethora of ghostly figures on their travels in Sussex from London to Brighton and most of them want to interact with drivers. One male figure supposedly walks in front of your car, only to disappear when hit. Other figures seem to roam the area wearing bright coloured clothing.

4) Scotland (1,232 total sightings)

Some of the most sinister sightings have taken place in Scotland. An Arts Centre on Kings Street in Aberdeen is said to be haunted by a maid who loiters on the old top floor flat and a floating face is known to haunt the green room. Aberdeen ghost hunters have even been on site and have picked up high levels of electrical interference.

5) North East (1,135 total sightings)

Yorkshire holds the top spot for the most ghostliest sightings for the North East with a total of 790. Northumberland comes in second at 183 and Durham is close behind with 162 spooky sightings.

The Alnmouth Schooner Hotel

Although it’s second place, Northumberland is home to what was named the county’s most haunted hotel. The Alnmouth Schooner Hotel is said to have a phantom soldier and a child accompanied by quiet ghostly whispers roaming through the building and sometimes the sound of a harrowing scream is known to have been heard. Interested in staying, you can book a stay via

6) North West (1,016 total sightings)

In the North West, Lancashire has a total of 592 ghost sightings, the most in the county. 

A screaming girl is thought to be one of the most disturbing local haunters.

“The Old Stables” Black Abbey Street, Accrington

She drifts quietly along Black Abbey road in Lancashire and screams when approached. It is believed she was burnt to death after having an affair with a monk.

7) Wales (756 total sightings)

Wales has a total of 756 ghost sightings but there’s one particular spot that has had several reports of eerie activity.

Cardiff Royal Infirmary Hospital

The Cardiff Royal Infirmary Hospital has had several ghost sightings. One particular local legend states that accepting a drink from a woman in grey will leave recipients dead within a week.

8) Greater London (726 total sightings)

Greater London is home to one of the oldest ghost sightings involving Annie Chapman. Annie Chapman was murdered by Jack the Ripper on Hanbury Street in 1888 and her ghost is believed to have been accompanied by a man. In the 1930’s someone reported hearing her murder but could never actually see anything. The place of her murder has since been demolished.

9) West Midlands (702 total sightings)

During the construction of Birmingham & Midland Eye Centre City Hospital in 1996, the movement of a dark eerie figure was picked up on CCTV. Security was sent to the site but didn’t find anyone when they arrived. 

Shropshire seems to have the most ghost sightings in the West Midlands with 160 sightings in total. Warwickshire has the least with 130. 

10) East Midlands (462 total sightings)

Out of the 462 total sightings in the East Midlands, Derbyshire carries 302 of the hair-raising encounters alone. But spooky sightings come from all over the region. 

The Bonington Theatre opened in 1982 as part of the Arnold Leisure Centre complex

One Nottingham sighting was at Arnolds Bonington Theatre. Once locked up for the evening, there have been reports of footsteps, cold spots, and flickering lights. It is believed that this has something to do with the Quaker burial site which the theatre was built upon.

11) Northern Ireland (135 total sightings)

Security at the former Roe Valley Hospital in Limavady, Northern Ireland noticed a suspicious figure on camera one night. There was never any confirmation on what the figure was, but locals are certain that the hospital is haunted with the sounds of crying babies echoing the empty corridors at night accompanied by men and women in uniform.

Have you ever had an experience with ghosts or recognise one of the ghouls we have spoken about? Reach out on our social channels and we’ll share your spooky experiences. A few months ago we also looked into reports of UFO across the country.

The full data & method on ghost sightings:-

*Method: We tallied and analysed the entirety of ghost sightings as reported on within the United Kingdom, grouping them by region and listed in order of the most prolific areas. Descriptions of a sighting were provided for each area.

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