Hold on to your mouse mats, NetVoucherCodes is about to go viral. Don’t worry, we haven’t all simultaneously been stricken with a mystery illness – we’re on about the good viral, not the snotty kind. You may have seen the latest craze to sweep the interwebs, no we’re not on about that Gangnam bloke and his funny little dance movies, that was so 2012…these days we’re all about the unpredictable mayhem that is, the Harlem Shake. New to this addictive little ditty? Don’t worry! A quick glance at the video that kick started the whole thing should clue you in on what all the fuss is about. Have a watch below:

In mere cyber-minutes, giddy viewers took this mad idea and ran with it, filling up the internet with their own interpretations of the Harlem Shake. We took one look at various online offerings of this toe-tapping dance epic and immediately knew that we could do better. With our standards set sky high, we enlisted the help of the entire Live Life For Less office crew and invited them to get loose all in the name of social media stardom. But we didn’t stop there. The team were well aware that to fully optimise our OMFG WTF? LOLS factor we’d need a little help.

A quick phone call later and we had a number of colourful new-recruits, all of whom were jittering with excitement at the thought of throwing down some shapes and busting a few moves. You may recognise a few of our dancers – yeah, that is the Scream guy working on his guns. No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks, there is a Storm Trooper going mad for it in our office. Apparently, the ‘No Dancing’ rule was the first thing to go when the Empire fell. And yes Fleetwood Town FC, that is actually your local mascot Captain Cod getting down in his down time for us lot at Net Voucher Codes!

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