Homemade Christmas Decorations Guide

If you’re looking for some original home decor this year then there’s still time to get some crafting in before the big day and make your own homemade Christmas decorations.

Homemade decorations can be beautiful, whether made by you or the kiddies plus they’re much more personal too!

So forget the shop bought ones and have some festive fun making your own.

Edible Homemade Decorations

Homemade Christmas Decorations

Last year we posted about some fabulous edible biscuit decorations for trimming the tree:

  • Spiced Christmas Tree Cookies – these are absolutely delicious and make the tree look gorgeous.

If you don’t want them for the tree then you could just as easily string them together to make a bunting of biscuits.

  • Popcorn – make a large batch of popcorn and then when cooled you can string the pieces together. This is a great decoration for the tree. For some added colour you can sprinkle with edible glitter – get this to stick by coating the popcorn in a melted sugar and water solution. (If you’re not going to be eating the popcorn then you can easily make it colourful by using spray paint)

For more ideas check out Goodtoknow Recipes where you’ll find delicious decorations like:

  • Stained Glass Biscuits – these look beautiful and will give a very festive feel to any tree
  • Sweetie Baubles – what a fab idea for some Christmas tree treats
  • Meringue Rings – small rings made from meringue and then hung on the tree!
  • Hanging Cones – theses are a great idea for the kids, simply hang the filled cones on the tree for some delicious treats

Plus you’ll find many more.

Homemade Decorations

If you like the idea of cookie decorations but not to eat then you can try making decorations with a salt dough recipe, to be found on a previous post.

Homemade Christmas Decorations

There’s also a wealth of craft ideas to be found on the internet, here’s a few of our faves:

  • 48 Simple Homemade Christmas Ornaments – from favecrafts
  • 24 Cheap Christmas Decorations – from the Readers Digest you’ll find some great budget friendly ideas for homemade Christmas decorations.
  • Handmade Ornaments – found on the Good Housekeeping website are some great ideas for making your own decorative ornaments.

If you’re lucky enough to have kiddies in the family then keep an eye out for the decorations they’ve made a school/nursery as these are bound to take pride of place on the tree 😉