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How to Party Abroad on a Budget: The Most Affordable Party Destinations

Charlie Stirzaker·Jun 28, 2023

Dreaming of sunshine and a good time? We’ve rounded up the most affordable and wallet-friendly destinations perfect for some fun in the sun.

Planning a party getaway doesn’t have to break the bank. From vibrant nightlife scenes to breathtaking destinations, there are plenty of affordable party destinations around the world that offer unforgettable experiences without draining your wallet. 

Whether you’re looking to visit the stunning beaches of Zante and Ibiza, or looking for a vibrant resort in Magaluf and Ayia Napa, you’re sure to dance the night away, make new friends and create memories that last a lifetime when you book these affordable party destinations.

What’s In This Guide?

Party Hotspots Across the World

From beachside resorts to clubbing in the Balearic Islands, you’re sure to find the perfect blend of entertainment, nightlife and affordable prices when you check out the party destinations we’ve picked out for you!


Partygoers around the world will be looking for the perfect party destination which won’t drain their bank account. A great budget option for party vibes is the Greek Island of Zakynthos which is renowned for its energetic nightclubs along the Laganas strip filled with cheap drinks, music and dancing.


If you’re looking for a lively atmosphere with stunning beach bars and plenty of boat parties, a summer getaway to Magaluf is the perfect destination for you this summer. With clubs open til dawn in Punta Ballena, you can be sure to party hard without paying over the top for alcohol when you book a party holiday to Magaluf.

Aiya Napa

Visit Cyprus this Summer and enjoy a holiday soaked with fun and sun when you book a holiday at Ayia Napa. Their iconic party spots and sun-filled settings make Ayia Napa a popular destination for those looking to bathe in the Mediterranean Sea whilst enjoying cheap drinks, boat parties and vibrant clubs throughout your stay.


Whilst Ibiza has its reputation for being the home of clubbing, it is still possible to enjoy the wonders of the Island without breaking the bank. If you are choosing Ibiza as your party getaway, it’s important to consider the time you travel to the island to make the most of your money. Off-peak stays in May and September offer cheaper flights and accommodation, plus some clubs even offer cheaper tickets in these months.

There’s plenty more to Ibiza than raving until the sun comes up too, with famous beach clubs available throughout the day, allowing you to soak up the sun and enjoy the lively atmosphere for a fraction of the cost when you travel during the off-season.


Nestled on the coast of Costa Blanca, Benidorm is known for being a party hotspot for all ages. Their vibrant nightlife caters to everyone, with all different types of music played and a fantastic mix between traditional pubs, bars and clubs across the strip and in the ‘Old Town’.


There are plenty of other destinations you can let loose and join the party abroad. Explore resorts in Bangkok which is well known for its incredible party scene and immerse yourself in the local culture when you visit food markets and take advantage of all the local drinks specials.

Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach in Bulgaria is also a very popular party destination amongst Brits thanks to the cheap prices of alcohol as well as stunning beach clubs, bars and budget-friendly accommodations. Take part in beach parties, foam parties and themed events without blowing your budget when you book a party stay at Sunny Beach.


Enjoy Kavos’s party paradise for fantastic prices thanks to the vast amount of hotels, apartments and hostels available online. Kavos has quickly gained popularity and is a great alternative to Zante if you want to enjoy an unforgettable party experience without the hefty price tag.

Book your Ultimate Party Holiday

When it comes to booking your affordable party holiday, choosing the perfect holiday provider for your personal needs can go a long way towards making your holiday an unforgettable one.

Dive into some of these party holiday providers who are not only budget-friendly but also have plenty of ways to save available onsite. What’s more, you’ll also find all the latest travel discount codes right here at NetVoucherCodes!

Book the Ultimate Party Experience with Jet2Vibe

Jet2Vibe is a go-to destination for plenty of partygoers who are looking for an all-in-one solution to their party holiday needs. Jet2Vibe is home to hundreds of party holiday packages which include all-inclusive packages. Enjoy a hassle-free booking process, enjoy affordable flights and accommodation packages, as well as access to exclusive events and parties. Save per person when you make use of a Jet2holidays coupon code online too!

Party like a VIP with TUI Scene

TUI are well known in the travel industry for its family holidays, but did you know TUI offer nightlife holidays too? These holiday packages cater to the needs of every partygoer, so whether you’re jetting off to Ibiza to enjoy the music or heading to Magaluf with your friends, you’ll be sure to find fantastic deals when you book online at TUI Scene.

TUI nightlife holidays offer a variety of affordable packages, including flights and accommodation. Check out the TUI nightlife recommended stays and make sure you sign up for the TUI newsletter, that way you’ll enter a draw and could win fantastic savings on your next party holiday! Get the VIP treatment and create memories that last a lifetime when you book online at TUI.

Clubbing Holidays and Affordable Getaways at On the Beach

On the Beach is a popular online travel agency that dedicates pages to clubbing holidays, cheap lads’ holidays and girls’ getaways. Wherever you plan to get away this summer, you can be sure to find fantastic deals on selected party getaways when you book online at On the Beach. What’s more, you can lock in your holiday deposits starting from just £30pp!

Spontaneous Clubbing Adventures with

If you love booking holidays last minute and are itching to get out and have some fun in the sun, the clubbing holidays available online at are the perfect solution for you. Get your bags packed and skip the long wait for your holiday to come around the corner when you book a party holiday online for affordable prices at

Save with Thomas Cook and Easy Jet Discount Codes

Bag yourself a bargain on flights and accommodation when you take advantage of all the latest Easy Jet and Thomas Cook discount codes available online at NetVoucherCodes. Our team of money saving experts will help you get the best deal possible on your party holiday wherever you plan to spend it and help you have a memorable budget-friendly holiday!

Find Your Party Paradise

The excitement of booking a holiday is always enough to carry us through the rainy winter months. However, finding the perfect party paradise for your needs can often be a struggle.

Everyone’s holiday needs are different, and when you’re booking in a group it’s important to know the ins and outs of these budget-friendly destinations to make sure you make the right choice and have an unforgettable holiday where you dance the night away.

Party All Night

The perfect party destination requires music you’ll dance to all night long. Whether you’re a house music enthusiast, love dancing to R&B and hip-hop or you’re a techno raver, you’ll want to know which talented DJs are in charge of your party into the early hours.

Whilst Ibiza is home to Pacha, Ushuaia and Amnesia which host the best DJs in the world, you’ll also find that more affordable destinations like Zante, Magaluf and Ayia Napa are host to a few themselves.

Find all the events in your destination on TikTok, Instagram or Online and check the lineups of who’s on when and where. The White Parties are home to an unforgettable party with vibes and music from well-known DJs who are sure to create a party atmosphere that you’ll love.

Plus, the drinks at these alternative venues are a lot cheaper than in popular resorts like Ibiza, meaning you can dance and save money along the way. You’ll also find DJs like Joel Corry and Nathan Dawe has residencies on these affordable party destinations, and are well known for their house tracks and for making partygoers dance til dawn.

Cheers to Cheap Drinks

Partying and enjoying a cold drink go hand in hand, but it’s no secret that splashing the cash on alcohol can have a damaging effect on your holiday budget. It’s important to take note of how much you’ll be spending on booze at your chosen holiday destination, and if you like the sound of how cheap it is to sip your favourite drinks in the sunset, the price of drinks can go a long way to making your mind up for you.

Whilst Ibiza is known for its legendary clubbing scene, the prices of drinks are often very high. In the clubs you can expect to spend at least €10-12 per drink, however, don’t let these prices put you off because Ibiza is still home to beautiful sunset bars which offer drinks to sip in the sunset from an average of €6.

Magaluf, Ayia Napa and Zante are fantastic alternatives to Ibiza thanks to their budget-friendly drinks prices. Enjoy lively club experiences and bag yourself drinks from as cheap as €2 when you venture into all the hidden bars and clubs and take advantage of their drinks specials. Whilst drinks are more expensive in clubs, you can still get smashed on a budget (even if you go overboard on the shots) when you make use of the drinks promotions upon arrival.

The ultimate destination for cheap booze and sunfilled fun is Benidorm, with drinks as cheap as €1 in selected bars and traditional pubs. Sip on your favourite pint, spirit or cocktail in style when you drink for bargain prices in Benidorm.

TikTok Travel Inspiration

TikTok has transformed the way partygoers around the world seek travel inspiration and plan their party holidays. From Zante and Magaluf to Ayia Napa and beyond, TikTok is the home of insider information from influencers, exploring the visual delights of a destination and engaging in conversation with fellow party-minded travellers.

Uncover the trendiest party destinations and get a sneak peek into the party paradise when you check out TikTok’s trending party destinations. Follow TikTok creators who are experts in party holidays and offer their followers partygoers and travelling tips. These influencers share their first-hand party experiences about the party paradises you’re looking to book for your next holiday. Let TikTok be your guide as you book a party holiday filled with sun-soaked beaches, dancing and cheap drinks.

Explore with Daytime Adventures

Whilst destinations like Ibiza, Ayia Napa, Magaluf and beyond have a reputation for their electrifying nightlife, however, did you know that these destinations also offer thrilling leisure activities too! Conquer the off-road trails when you book quadbikes with your friends and rev up your party holiday when you take an adventure on the exhilarating quad bikes and get a unique perspective of the sights your destination beholds.

If you’re a water enthusiast, you’ll be happy to hear that there are plenty of water sports available. You’ll find an abundance of water activities across the crystal clear waters of Ayia Napa, the sun-soaked beaches of Ibiza and Zante and so many more destinations.

Party destinations with stunning views and coastlines also have boat excursions available, taking you to breathtaking landscapes whilst offering you the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature and take a break from the constant party atmosphere.

Travel Abroad on a Budget

You’ve picked your destination, the group chats excited and you’ve begun saving money for a holiday filled with sun, fun and dancing. We’re happy to help you make the most of your money on your travels by giving you some top travelling tips which will help you enjoy your party destination for a bargain price and to make sure you don’t run out of money whilst enjoying your stay.

23 Ways to Travel on a Budget in 2023

Whether you’re a student looking to blow some steam over the summer, or planning an upcoming stag or hen party, there are plenty of ways you can cut the cost of your travels.

Booking in advance, using a discount code, shopping around & comparing prices are just a few of our top tips! Check out our full round-up of travel tips for 2023 over on our 23 Ways to Save on Travel blog post. And if you’re a student, our very own travel experts here at NVC, Charlie & Ellie have put together a complete guide for students travelling on a budget.

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