PRESS RELEASE: 1st September 2013

Marketing professionals will be all too familiar with the phrase ‘we can’t discount because it might devalue our brand’ but according to one online voucher site, even anti-discount retailers are now highly active when it comes to running incentive driven promotions.

Over the last two years has seen a steady increase in the number of brands and retailers running voucher codes and money off promotions, even those who were highly anti-discount.

They believe the change in attitude is down to consumers becoming more savvy, along with retailers simply reacting to the change in consumer buying patterns.

Advances in innovation also mean voucher codes and money off promotions can be targeted towards specific consumers.

Head of business development at, Joel Tobias, believes concerns that discounts will harm a brand are dated.

He said:  “If a promotion is carried out strategically and the right technology is in place, then a money off promotion will not devalue a brand, it will do the opposite.

“We have the technology to silently target a range of segmented consumers with a one-off, personalised and single use voucher code, for a brand or store which they’ve specifically shown an interest in or have purchased from historically.

“Since the voucher code is sent directly to that consumer, meaning only they can use it, the element of leakage, which has always been a concern linked directly to brand devaluation, is removed and therefore becomes a non-issue. It’s this type of innovation that will help retailers remove those old school attitudes towards running money off deals.

“For high street retailers the challenge is integrating incentive marketing into the marketing mix. A good example is when there’s a new product or clothing range launch – a store will launch the item and will have spent considerable sums on above the line marketing to raise awareness.

“The creative that’s been produced and paid for can easily be extended to select vouchering partners to help reinforce the marketing message and drive incremental revenue through another channel.

“It can work seamlessly alongside traditional offers. We create a multi-channel voucher based campaign where the consumer has the choice where to redeem, online, instore or on mobile.”

Joel continued: “The goal of incentive marketing is up to the retailer. For all of them it’s about attracting customers, but some take it further and focus on attracting valuable customers.

“Promoting new product ranges, creating brand awareness and driving more footfall to flagging regional stores all become secondary goals.

“If a retailer was looking for brand awareness, we’d suggest working closely with our creative content team. If they want to drive sales now, to hit a target, then we’d suggest running an overwhelming offer for 24 hours and target in-market customers with the message. We like to ask the retailer the goals and then plan around them.”

Joel concludes: “Ultimately the consumer has to feel he or she is getting a good offer, and for us it’s about making sure the customer continues to shop with the major retailers through us.

“Without doubt retailers are becoming increasingly competitive and with consumers reluctant to splash out on purchases they don’t see as a necessity the market for incentivised offers can only grow.”

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