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Keep Cosy this Winter

Rebecca BebbingtonRebecca Bebbington · Nov 13, 2020

As the dark nights draw in and we start to feel the chill of the morning frost, it’s around about now that the seasonal blues start settling in. Well, don’t panic! Combat the winter misery this year by creating a cosy sanctuary behind your front door while the winter rages on outside. Our homes have really been our safe haven this year, so brighten up your living space and smile this winter by making your home a place you feel cosy, uplifted and at-ease this season.

So, where do you start? With the help of some of our popular retailers like Litecraft, BHS, Wayfair and, we’ve curated a whole host of ways to help you get snug this winter. From warm lighting to cosy loungewear, fleece blankets and boxsets on the sofa – pop the kettle on, put your feet up and take a look through our guide on how to create the ultimate cosy home.

Light up your home

Set the mood this season with lighting solutions to uplift your mood and add warmth to your home. It may sound simple, but adding certain light features in and around your house can really contribute to a cosier ambience. Plus, with the added COVID-19 pandemic looming over us, home is your sanctuary, so make sure it’s a place that makes you feel good.

Picture yourself reading under a low light or soaking up the scent of a burning candle while you put your feet up. Lighting is so important and with so many ways to use light, your home will be feeling more cosy in no time.

Different spaces around your home will require different levels of light, so it’s important to consider what the space is going to be used for. Having an array of different lighting styles in one room which can all be used at different times of the day depending on what mood you’re going for is key. Whether it be scented candles, a majestic ceiling light or a modern floor lamp, light up your home with our top 5 tips!

5 ways to set the mood with lighting this winter

1) Ceiling Lights

Image: Litecraft

To create those ultimate cosy vibes in your living space it’s all about layering your lighting. A good place to start with this is your Ceiling Lights. Ceiling Lights are the main source of lighting in a room. If you’re lucky enough to have ceiling light fixtures, make sure you’re choosing yellow tone lights to create warmth in your home opposed to anything too bright and harsh. White lights are great but are more suitable for office spaces. At the flick of a switch, a good ceiling light will illuminate any room, making it bright and cosy!

Pendant lights are not just modern and stylish, but help create that personal space where you can really focus on the lighting – especially great for winter time. Hanging your pendants low, especially around your dining table or coffee table is the perfect way to create a secluded cosy space! Crystal Chandeliers are also great for reflecting natural light if you’re looking to really brighten up your space. Rattan lampshades are perfect for allowing the light to seep through as well as light coloured shades which overall create a brighter feel in any room.

Image: Dunhelm

Warm tones are the key to cosiness, and this beautiful copper Sheridan jewel easy fit pendant not only adds warm and autumnal tones to your room but features twinkling jewels which will reflect any natural light. Priced at just £29, this is excellent value for money and would make a stunning addition to any room in your home!

Image: John Lewis

This John Lewis & Partners Baldwin Pendant Ceiling Light may be more expensive, priced at £75, however, boasts a sought after style which can be used in various settings. The industrial-style design is bang on trend and the brass and pewter paint will offer a cast of warmth to your room. This pendant is ideal for statement home lighting, especially above dining tables, kitchen islands or breakfast bars.

Image: Litecraft

Litecraft is home to a wide array of beautiful lighting options for your home. Browse a huge selection of styles to suit your taste and secure great savings now on a selection of lighting. From pendants to flush lights, track lighting and more, start setting the mood in your home this winter for less.

Image: Litecraft Chandeliers

Chandeliers are not only a gorgeous statement piece, but can offer a much more sophisticated look to your room, and who wouldn’t want that? Browse through the selection of elegant Chandeliers now at Litecraft and create a brilliant focal point in your room that is worth being envied.

2) Floor Lamps


Accentuate your ceiling light with a Floor Lamp. The key to creating a sense of tone and atmosphere in any room is by layering your lights, and a Floor Lamp is the ideal solution to do so! Floor Lamps can offer a more atmospheric tone to any room as they are sporadic and much less intense than a ceiling light. Highlighting different areas of your space will allow you to get over the lost daylight hours in no time. So whether you’re picking up a book or binge watching a box set, floor lamps can give you that warm glow to make you sink into your seat.


Diffused lighting is key to creating the cosy abode you’re yearning for this winter. And, If you’re looking for something aesthetically pleasing, the tripod style floor lamp is an on-trend choice this season. This Finsbury 153cm Tripod Floor Lamp not only features a beautifully warm rose gold shade, but sturdy iron legs to hold the lamp up. This is certain to bring cosiness to any corner of your home.

The soft radiance of light from Floor Lamps means that you can enjoy a warm, comfortable atmosphere. The great thing about Floor Lamps is that no matter what style you go for, they’re guaranteed to highlight your room. This quirky Large Arc Floor Lamp in Chrome is certain to make a statement. It’s modern and contemporary style is ideal for adding style to your room and will fit easily into many decors.

Image: BHS

With the warm tones in mind, this Benson Curved Floor Lamp in copper from BHS would make the perfect addition to any room. Not only would this be a gorgeous addition to your lighting arrangement, but it’s also a statement piece that would fit any modern interior. The slim stem and smooth globe-shaped head don’t take up much room and can be accurately directed wherever you choose. Get snuggled up this winter and embrace the soft, comforting shine of this beautiful lamp.

3) Table Lamps

Image: Litecraft

More is more and another essential component when layering your lights is to add table lamps. Here, there and anywhere – there is no wrong place to stick a table lamp, especially during winter! Table lamps are a terrific feature to bring into absolutely any home or room as they offer a soft and soothing glow that can really set a cosy tone and mood.

Table lamps can be used on everything from desks to console tables, side tables and even shelving. There are many different styles which reflect light in different directions, so whether you’re looking for a light to illuminate a space or one to compliment a computer or TV, choosing the right style for you is important.

Image: Studio

Statement lamps are not only on-trend and a popular choice, but they can really add depth and mood to the lighting in your room! This Leopard Table Lamp is a beautiful example of how creative you can get with your table lamps. Not only is it contemporary, but the classy black drum shade softens the glow and helps to spotlight the base.

If you’re looking for something more universal, this Latisha Iridescent Glass Marble Base Task Desk Lamp allows you to direct the light around your room. Again, this Rosa 2 Arm Chrome Table Lamp is ideal for directing light in different directions and is another beautiful piece certain to compliment any decor.

Image: BHS

2020 has seen the return of Velvet furnishings filling households so why not invest in this stunning Taylor Velvet Table Lamp in green and brass form BHS. Not only will this gorgeous emerald green add a pop of colour to your decor – complimented by the soft velvet texture, but the warm light reflecting on the brass base is certain to create a cosy setting in any room.

4) Candles

Nothing quite beats the beauty of a naked flame so if you’re looking to insert some real cosiness into your home, a candle is the perfect solution! Not only do candles cast a cosy and warm glow, but scented candles can really enhance that vibe! Single candles, church candles or column candles are all perfect for adding warmth and drama into your space and are perfect for relaxing winter evenings – just don’t forget to blow them out!

Image: John Lewis

Jo Malone are of course an extremely popular choice of candles and it’s not hard to understand why. These beautifully designed candles boast an array of stunning scents that can guarantee to leave you feeling relaxed and cosy. Check out all types of Jo Malone Candles and choose something to accentuate your home.

5) Fireplaces

Image: Direct Fireplaces

Never underestimate the magic of a fireplace. We understand that not every household has a fireplace, but if you’re lucky enough to have one, make the most of it! Not only do they quite literally bring a great deal of warmth into your home, but a roaring fire is certain to leave you feeling super cosy. The warm orange flames from a fire can really give a room that moody, cosy vibe essential during winter! As the wind, rain or snow roars on outside, nothing beats being snuggled by the fire with a hot cup of tea to really make you feel relaxed.

Bioethanol Fireplace
Image: Imagin Fires

Don’t have a fireplace? Why not invest in a bioethanol fireplace. These are becoming more and more popular as not only do they come in modern and contemporary designs, but you can use them as and when needed so you’re guaranteed to get your cosy winter fix.

Direct Fireplaces is a specialist fireplace retailer who stock a wide selection of fireplaces varying from stone and wooden fireplaces, gas fires, cast iron fireplaces as well as electric fireplaces and more. If you’re really considering investing in a fireplace, grab an exclusive 2% off all orders with our Direct Fireplaces discount code to secure an amazing deal on your next investment.

Kiss your home with cosiness

As the days are getting shorter and evenings become darker, winter is that time where our senses become heightened so pay attention to them. When you picture being cosy, do you think of soft and warm textures? Autumnal colours and rustic scents? If so, we’ve found some must-haves to leave your home feeling extra snug this season.

Get a Rug


A cosy rug is the perfect solution to add colour and texture to your home! A good rug will also allow your room to feel warm, is a great addition to your interior and of course feels soft beneath your feet. This Philomena looped rug is not only on-trend this season, but also comes in two stylish colours – hooked ivory and grey. Ivory is a great choice for adding brightness and grey is of course a hugely popular choice across households. The shaggy look and thick pile gives this rug that ultimate cosy feel to both look at and to touch. Priced at just £60, this rug is an absolute steal this season!

We would certainly recommend you opt for something with a similar texture to really add the cosy feels to your home.

Throw in some Cushions

Image: John Lewis

Is it possible to have too many cushions? The answer is no! Scatter them here there and everywhere and your home will soon be feeling like that snug sanctuary you’ve been yearning for.

Keep snug this winter

You can’t beat getting wrapped up during winter, and with many people staying indoors more or working from home, keeping warm and cosy is on everyone’s mind.

Teddy Duvet covers have been a popular choice for the last couple of years and are sold widely on the internet by most big stores! The dreamy faux fur or shearling material will keep you snug all night long so prepare to snooze your alarm.


Here is our top 5 favourites:

  1. Teddy Fleece Bedding Collection
  2. Catherine Lansfield Cuddly Duvet Cover
  3. Silentnight Teddy Fleece Duvet Cover
  4. Hug & Snug Duvet
  5. Matalan Teddy Fleece Duvet

Another popular item we’ve seen doing its rounds on social media is the Fleece Hooded Blanket! What is that exactly you ask? Picture an oversized long hoodie made using faux fleece material. Yes, prepare for the ultimate cosy loungewear to get you through the last leg of 2020 and the impending winter months. You can pretty much find them here, there and everywhere at most popular online fashion retailers as they’re are fast becoming a winter wardrobe staple!

Cuddle Cushion
Image: Dunhelm

So, you’re dressed in your fleece hoodie and you’re heading to bed to get snug into your teddy duvet, but one thing is missing? Prop yourself up whilst watching TV, while you enjoy a cuppa, or while you get stuck into a book – behold the teddy bear cuddle cushion. Perfect for propping yourself up in bed or on a chair, this luxuriously soft cushion provides all the comfort you need.

Make your home sparkle this Christmas

Staying home is the new normal, so why not make the most of being indoors this Christmas with decorations to lift your spirits? From tinsel to trees, bring some sparkle, glitz and magic to your living space this year with

If you want that warm and fuzzy feeling every time you walk into your home then fill your home with twinkling lights and decorations this year to really make it a special one. Shop through the likes of Wayfair,, BHS, M&S and many more online retailers and make a start in creating the cosy adobe you’re dreaming of this Christmas.

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