Ever since Iron Man hit cinema screens back in 2008, Marvel has been at the forefront of box office ratings across the globe, winning over audiences with every new release. Marvel have changed the game owning every first week of the summer movie season; continuing to turn each new film into an event and each new character into a beloved franchise. With such an overwhelming success overall it’s no wonder that other brands are always competing to match Marvel Studios’ model.

With the release of Infinity War, the nineteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’re looking back at the box office statistics of every Marvel Studios film to see how well they performed. By taking into consideration budget, opening weekend profits and their worldwide total we’re finding out how much each film made and which have been the most successful and most disappointing. Although these numbers don’t include other movie making costs and merchandise profits they still give an indication of each film’s popularity and cultural impact. They also show how certain franchises have stagnated and how others have continued to grow and flourish years after their release.


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