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Money Saving Influencers you should be following

Rebecca Bebbington·May 27, 2022

Transform your spending habits and get inspired by these top budgeting & money saving influencers on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

Now that scrolling and double-tapping are the new norm, have you considered whether who you are following is influencing you in the right way?

If you’re trying to get a handle on your finances, we’ve handpicked some of our favourite social media influencers who can help transform your money mindset!

From cooking on the cheap to monthly saving challenges, check out our top picks and give them a follow to see what all the fuss is about.

Best money saving TikTok accounts to follow UK

@mealsbymitch – 812k Followers

By day, 29-year-old Mitch Lane sells Nuts and Bolts in his hometown of Wolverhampton. By night, Mitch is an internet cooking sensation with the UK’s fastest-selling cookbook ‘Bon Appétit’.

From showing users how to knock up a budget chilli in 2020 on TikTok, Mitch is now the most famous chef you’ve never heard of with millions of views over on his Mealsbymitch TikTok account.

Mitch is all about budget-friendly recipes & fake aways that are super fast and easy to dish up. He even created a number of videos with tasty recipes you can grab for just £5! So, for delicious meals that are cheap and tasty, go give Mitch a follow.

@ndainternet – 547k Followers

If you’re on the hunt for quality financial advice that isn’t going to leave you confused, give @ndainternet a follow. With over 547k followers and millions of likes on his videos, NDA shares educational videos on all things budgeting, mortgages, taxes and money saving hacks for your everyday life!

Get the inside scoop on all the loopholes in financing as well as clever hacks to help you save on all things food, travel and so much more.

@savingwhizgina – 1.7M Followers

‘Grocery hacks, budgeting tips & debt freedom’ – @savingswhizgina is your go-to TikToker for budget shopping hacks. With millions of likes and over 1.7 million followers, it’s fair to say she’s a pretty big deal! Click follow over on her account for a wealth of money saving content like how to save on your groceries, affordable meal prep, budgeting, batch cooking, cheap recipes and so much more. You can even take her online grocery course as well as enjoy a host of fantastic resources!

@yasminecamilla – 95k Followers

@yasminecamilla loves to talk about money, and more specifically, how you can save it! If you’re looking for a friendly face who’s clued up on finances & budgeting, Yasmine shares her own saving journey including useful tips & hacks with her 95k followers every day. From tips on how to organise your money to spending wisely, having fun on a budget and tons more, it’s definitely worth giving Yasmine a follow if you’re serious about saving.

@investwithqueenie – 173k Followers 

From travel hacks to how to grab freebies and discounted goods at all your favourite stores and supermarkets, Queen Tan @investwithqueenie is the self-proclaimed queen of Money Hacks – and millions of others think so too! Whether you’re trying to be more frugal with your spending or save for your first property, @investwithqueenie is your go-to knowledge queen with a wealth of hacks & tips up her sleeve.

@lookingafteryourpennies – 59k Followers

Charlotte Jessop, the friendly face behind @lookingafteryourpennies is one of the nation’s most loved financial ‘educators’. If you’re looking to be educated on how to manage your finances from spending habits to saving, travel tips and more, Charlotte is here to help. She has even set up her own handy website with access to money saving resources, her latest YouTube videos and printable freebies including her Budgeting Spreadsheet.

Best money saving Twitter accounts to follow UK

@AndyCleverCash – 7k Followers

If you’re dying to be more clever with your cash, go and give award-winning money expert Andy Webb from @AndyCleverCash a follow on Twitter. From weekly deals to help you save to ways you can budget in his latest columns for Readers Digest and Metro, if anyone knows a thing or two about budgeting and saving, it’s AndyCleverCash.

Click follow for a daily scoop on financing, saving money online and so much more. You can even tune into his CashChats podcast or head over to his YouTube channel for all things money saving!

@SkintDad – 18.6k Followers

The dad of the internet, SkintDad, has been serving up money saving tips & hacks for almost a decade. His award-winning blog is home to a whole host of useful resources for budgeting & saving, like where to shop on the cheap, free days out for families, budget DIY Tips and so much more. IF you’re looking to make every penny count, it’s definitely worth giving @SkintDad a follow on Twitter. You’ll spot regular saving tips, links to his latest blog posts and even the chance to enter his latest competitions.

Best money saving Instagram accounts to follow UK

@howifundthis – 9k Followers

With years of experience in the marketing industry, Jessie from @howifundthis has a wealth of money-saving knowledge. Her Instagram account covers everything from groceries to skincare with budgeting tips that will help you keep control of your finances.

@penniestopoundspod – 20k Followers

Pennies To Pounds aims to educate everyday people on all things finance with advice for first-time buyers, homeowners and frugal shoppers. This Instagram account is filled with handy guides and easy-to-follow tips to help you get smarter with your savings. 

If you’re looking for more in-depth guidance and knowledge about the money you can also visit the Pennies To Pounds Podcast! This podcast is all about empowering young people to take control of their finances and make the most of their money. Get clued up in financial jargon and gain confidence in saving and budgeting for the future.

@katiesaves – 13.3k Followers

Live well on a low income with the money saving tips from Katie. On this grid, you’ll find money-saving challenges, budgeting guides and financial support from a frugal mum looking to take control of her finances.

Katie not only provides guidance on spending, but she also shares relatable content about her own financial journey. If you’re looking for some down-to-earth savings advice from someone who knows how hard it can be, @katiesaves is your go-to.

@beatthebudget – 56.2k Followers

Looking to feed your family on a budget? Mimi from @beatthebudget provides easy and tasty recipes that cost around £1 per portion. If you take a scroll through her gram, you’ll find countless food reels alongside cost breakdowns, easily-to-follow cooking methods and even calorie and macro info!

Learn how to cook Currys, pasta dishes and delicious desserts for just £1. You can also find budget weekly meal plans that will keep you organised in the kitchen and stop you from overspending the next time you’re in the supermarket.

@beas_bargainbuys_ – 69.4k Followers

This bargain homeware account based in Hull updates followers on the most affordable new-in decor from high-street stores like Primark, Matalan and Next. If you’re a homeowner looking to update your space on a budget, @beas_bargainbuys_ is your dream account.

@mrdealsmanchester – 12.2k Followers

Manchester-based Mr Deals saves followers thousands every year with advice on everything from freebies to energy bills. This thrifty deals hunter provides expert money-saving advice that covers all aspects of your life. His helpful content includes everything from how to cut costs around your home to tips on how to get free food from popular chains like Burger King, Mcdonald’s and Greggs. 

Although this account provides personal finance advice for everyone, it is especially handy for those of you who live in Manchester. @mrdealsmanchester regularly posts offers for local restaurants in Manchester and even has a highlight dedicated to stories about budget meals from eateries around the city.

Best Facebook money saving groups to join UK

Facebook money saving groups

Another great way to find financial advice on social media is through the countless money-saving groups on Facebook. Join these private groups and gain access to secret deals from members of the community! 

These groups provide information about money-saving opportunities you might never have heard of as well as updates on upcoming offers for popular retailers and supermarkets.

As well as savings advice and discounts, these groups also offer fellow members support and guidance on a range of topics with the majority of the content tailored around parenting and the struggles of running a household. Got a question about your energy bill? Need savings advice or a great deal on a potential purchase? These money-saving groups are on hand to help you out.

& finally why not give us a follow…

Twitter – @netvouchercodes – 10.6k Followers

Of course, our guide to the best money-saving influencers wouldn’t be complete without an honourable mention for @NetVoucherCodes. Our Twitter account helps followers save money on fashion, home and beauty brands with money-saving tips, deals and discount codes.

A scroll through our profile will reveal weekly competitions, thread round-ups of the best daily codes and tips on simple ways you can reduce your cost of living. Our expert team makes it their mission to provide everyday shoppers with savings and financial advice – so if you’re looking to transform your spending habits, we’re your first port of call.

Facebook – @NetVoucherCodes – 13.5k Fans

If you take a browse through our NetVoucherCodes Facebook page, you’ll spot a whole host of daily voucher codes, money saving tips and simple ways to save!

We also run a monthly competition where you can win prizes like spa breaks, kitchen utensils and so much more. If you’re on the lookout for exclusive deals and tips for reducing the cost of living, go give our Facebook page a Like.

TikTok – @netvouchercodes

Here at NetVoucherCodes, we’ve dipped our foot into the world of TikTok to educate and inspire users on ways they can save money in their everyday lives.

NetVoucherCodes TikTok

Behind the camera are our very own team members who are sharing their own tips and tricks on food shopping, money saving challenges, useful hacks and so much more. We’re always on the hunt for that next viral hit and are continuously growing our following with our homemade content.

So make sure you give NetVoucherCodes a follow and hit that like button x.

Note: Follower counts correct as of 27/05/2022

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