Christmas and the season of festivities are creeping upon us sooner than we could imagine so it’s time to get savvy online! If you’re anything like us, you’re on the hunt for early gifts before the crowds emerge and snatch up all the best deals! Whilst we can’t advise you on what to buy for adults, we’re totally clued up on all the hottest toys in the market for the little ones. That’s right, we’ve rounded up all the best toys for Christmas 2016, check them out! These deals won’t be sticking around for long.



Hatchimals are the latest, must have toys that kids are already going mad for this year! These interactive toy creatures and packed away inside eggs which your child will love and nurture before they eventually hatch, revealing their mystery identity! Inside you’ll find a baby creature, whether that be a Draggles, Owlicorn or Pengualas, it’s a surprise! Once your creature is born your children can teach them how to walk, talk, play games and much more. Your creature will be your newest companion and definitely the most fun to play with. These babies are proving to be the hottest on the market and are selling out quick!


Speak out:

Speak out has been labelled as the most popular game of 2016 and the games everyone will be playing come Christmas Day! This game will certainly give last year’s hottest buy, ‘Pie Face’ a run for it’s money! This ridiculous mouthpiece challenge is sure to have everybody not only looking silly but creased with laughter. The aim of the game is for players try to say different phrases while wearing a mouthpiece that won’t let them shut their mouth, but it’s harder than it sounds! Gather family & friends for some laugh out loud fun which is sure to have everyone tearing with laughter. But be sure to get your order in before it’s too late so you don’t miss out on a whole load of fun.


Pie Face Showdown:

If you’re looking for some messy fun, Pie Face Showdown could be your next best purchase! Can you avoid the splat? This hilariously messy game is perfect for gathering family and friends if you’re looking for some real belly laughing fun. Simply load the throwing arm with something messy, whipped cream? A wet sponge? Whatever you fancy! Stick your head through the splash card mask, turn the handles and hope you don’t make a mess. The throwing arm is completely random, so it could be you! Keep your nerve and enjoy a laugh, you might be next.


Fisher-Price Code-A-Pillar:

This fantastic Think and Lean Code-a-Pillar Toy is a simple and fun way for your little one to learn the basics of coding where they can arrange and rearrange to tell the toy how to move forward, left, right, wiggle and dance! Kids can configure the segments of the toy to tell the caterpillar which way to move and there’s even a motorised head segment which lights up, makes sounds and blinks which really helps bring the Code-a-Pillar to life. It walks across a hard surface, makes noises, and changes its facial expressions depending on the order each module is placed in. This is super fun, interactive and educational which would make the perfect Christmas gift. Learn, play and code!


VTech KidiZoom Action Cam:

Does your little one love taking pics! Maybe they’re always stealing your phone to take selfies or using snapchat! If so, this could make a great stocking filler this Christmas and is one of this years fav’s on the market. The VTech Kidizoom Action Cam is a light and multi functional camera made for kids. Take great photos and videos whilst on the move, out with friends or shoot some funny snaps of the family this Christmas. You can even add fun effects or use the time-lapse function to capture great action shots. A super cool gift perfect for adventurous and creative kids.


Furby Connect:

The Furby has come a long way since it first launched in 1998! Yes, that’s right the new and improved Furby of 2016 has some super cool technical features which your little one will love. Bundled with an app free to download from your phone or tablet, you can interact with your Furby and discover some cool surprises. Tickle, shake, pet, and spin Furby around for more fun and wait to see how they react. Furby’s eyes display over 150 expressions and it even talks to you so you can figure out what they want! This Furby has lots to say and the best bit for parent? If Furby gets that little bit irritating, you can pop on an eye mask and send it to sleep, result.



Now Now Now, this is one super cool toy! Does your child love taking selfies or recording videos of themselves singing? Well, the 2 can now be combined with this awesome SelfieMic. Sing like a pro, create your own music videos and become a star with Selfie Mic! Featuring an adjustable selfie stick attached to a microphone and earpiece, simply download the free app and the stage is yours! Lip sync and perform to thousands of your favourite songs and create music videos with your friends. Choose cool effects and filters and share with everyone.


Animal Alley Unicorn:

This adorable, 45” Animal Alley Unicorn would make the perfect addition to any little girl’s bedroom this Christmas. The giant soft toy is super cute and great for cuddling, riding on and maybe even taking a nap on. With it’s soft, cuddly body it can even be used as a pillow. This pretty pink and purple unicorn can be your little girls perfect companion or bedtime buddy! It’s soft fur and friendly sparkling eyes are sure to win your child over. This Christmas, the Animal Alley Unicorn is a must have, so be sure not to miss out as they’re selling fast!


Nerf Battle Racer:

The Nerf Battle racer is every kids dream set of wheels this Christmas! This ‘Battle Ready’ Go-Kart is the ultimate ride. Carry your Nerf Blasters (sold separately) perfect for battling your components and store away easily in the handy compartment. The durable Nerf Battle Racer will help you dominate the battlefield as you blast a blizzard of Nerf darts on your competition. The free wheel steering and built in hand brake connected to both rear wheels will help you dodge and slide enemy fire while you’re on the go! But watch out, they may blast you!


Playstation VR:

Are you ready to experience gaming in an entirely new way? The Playstation VR is amongst one of the favourite, top selling products kids, teens and even adults are going mad for this Christmas. That’s right, fasten your seat belt gamers and prepare to become centre of the action! Explore the next revolution of gaming with the PlayStation 4 VR Headset. Immerse yourself into gaming reality, step beyond your television screen and climb into a new world. Live every detail and prepare to lose yourself. You’ve played games that have made you lose track of time, but what about forgetting where you are? The impossible is made possible with the PS VR. Commence your extraordinary journey right now!