PRESS RELEASE: 5th July 2013

British parents spend an average of almost £400 on their teen’s school prom – a new survey has found.

The poll by discount shopping site asked 420 parents about how much they expect to pay for their youngster’s prom.

The results showed that mums and dads expect to shell out £370 on giving their child the perfect secondary school send-off.

However, the disparity between the costs for girls and boys was huge with parents planning to spend on average a whopping £485 for their daughters but only £255 for their sons.

According to respondents, the biggest expenditure they were preparing for was clothing. On average parents budgeted £175 for girls and £100 for boys.

The clothing budget did not stop there for young ladies, with parents putting aside roughly £60 for shoes and £25 for a handbag.

Transport proved to be another huge expenditure for parents. Many of their teens wanted a limo to take them and their friends to the prom – and had budgeted £70 for it.

However, the cost for daughters to go to the prom didn’t stop with a plush car and dress. Parents were also budgeting an average of £100 to cover the cost of hair and make-up.

Other extras which mum and dad were expecting to foot the bill included £20 for photography and £35 for the actual ticket to the prom.

A spokesperson from commented: “We never had leavers’ proms when I was at school. You got your results and that was it.

“Proms are extremely popular in America and they seem to have them at every possible opportunity, I’m just thankful that in the UK we only stick to one or two.

“Parents naturally want to give their teen the best send off from secondary school, however I think there has to be a sensible limit. After all they’re not going to a Buckingham Palace garden party.”

One parent said of the survey: “We’ve already had one kid whose prom we’ve had to fork out for. He wanted a limo and a designer suit on top of the £40 price of the ticket. I can remember it costing the wife and I over £500.

“It may sound harsh, but we’re going to be a lot more savvy with his younger sister – have you seen how much prom dresses cost these days? I’ve heard tales about other parents spending in excess of £600 just on a dress.”

However another mum said: “Yes these things can become a little pricey, but this is a momentous occasion in my child’s life and it is only fair that we make it as special as we can. After all it is a reward for them working hard in all their exams.”

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