Prince William’s Heir-raising cost for a number 1

It has been reported that Prince William recently paid an astonishing £180 for a number 1 haircut, that is 968% more than the UK average. Research by money saving voucher code website, shows that if Prince William had been savvier he could have saved himself a fortune!


The research of barbers across the UK shows that although London is the priciest place to get a number 1, Prince William could still have had the same haircut for as little as £17 in some parts of London saving him £163.

According to the research, London topped the chart of most expensive number 1’s with an average price of £31.33, whilst surprisingly Newcastle came in second with an average price of £21.75 for a buzz cut there.

In third place was Bristol with the most expensive number 1 coming in at £26 and an average price of £19.17. Other major cities including Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool & Cardiff were all in a similar price range with prices coming in at £17.50, £17.15, £16.90 & £16.67 respectively.

The cheapest city in the UK for Prince William to have got his number 1 would have been Belfast with the cheapest price just £8.50 for the same haircut. That represents a huge saving of £171.50!

A spokesperson for said: “Everyone wants to look their best, especially if they are in the public eye, but a number 1 haircut is a number 1 haircut no matter which barbers do it and to pay £180 is simply extortionate.

“With many people struggling financially in the UK and maybe not able to afford to have their haircut as often as they’d like, news of Prince William’s £180 number 1 is likely to upset some people.

“The problem with having a number 1 haircut is that hair grows back quickly, so how often will these £180 haircuts take place? Maybe a wise investment would be to buy his own set of clippers for around £25 and save a fortune over the year by asking Kate to give him a trim!”

CityCut 1 £Cut 2 £Cut 3 £Average £What he could of saved
UK Average£16.84£163.16