has recently looked into claims by parents that they are being ripped off by unscrupulous people profiteering from hard-to-get Christmas toys.


One of the worst examples is the popular Luvabella doll which has been topping the must-have toy charts this year. Our research shows that this doll is often being resold on marketplace sites for huge markups leaving parents frustrated.

The average markup for a £99.99 Luvabella doll was found to be 66% with an average marketplace reseller price of £166.43. These dolls typically sell out at R.R.P. in a matter of minutes with tech-savvy individuals using software to snap them up before genuine parents.

This unfortunate situation is similar to the ticket reseller problem and is affecting all of this year’s most popular toys.

The next most popular toy was found to be the £19.99 Slime Factory with an average markup of a staggering 181% (selling at £56.22).

The £19.99 Feisty Pets Unicorn was the next most difficult on the list with an average markup of 86% on the resale market (selling at £37.14).

Parents have been expressing their frustration by leaving comments on marketplace resellers product pages.

Tracey vented her frustrations on the LOL Big Surprise Ball (87% markup) page and left the following comment: “Vile! People are trying to give their children presents for Christmas and you’re using this as a way to profit… hope you’re stuck with this and people make a stand against you greedy selfish s***s”.

However, customers are still buying to avoid disappointment on Christmas day, one reviewer had this to say on the Jo Jo Siwa Singing Doll (64% markup) page: “I wouldn’t have bought these dolls at all only my 2 little granddaughters really want them for Xmas and it’s impossible to get them. I paid a ridiculous price for them but my little girls will be happy so takes the sting out of it.”.

Our research shows the 3 most marked-up toys are Slime Factory (181% markup), Fingerlings (157% markup) and the Lego Millennium Falcon (101% markup) which isn’t surprising as they are all very popular.

Furthermore, half the toys on our list are marked up by over 75% with the Slime Factory taking the lead at a whopping 181%.

It is a matter of supply and demand driving these prices with parents still prepared to pay over the odds to obtain one of these toys for their child on Christmas morning. Unfortunately, some children will miss out though as some parents refuse to be ripped off, or cannot afford to pay these extortionate prices.


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