Have you got any of these classic Euro’s shirts in your wardrobe? They could be worth money…

Update: In light of the current 2020/2021 UEFA Euro’s, we’ve research which shirts of the past could potentially be gold dust… and there’s a few.

The Euro’s are a momentous occasion in the football calendar, and if you’ve been around long enough, you may just have a collectable hanging in your wardrobe.

The UEFA Euro’s 1996 hosted by England was home to the ‘It’s Coming Home’ era – ring a bell? During this epic season of football, England had some famous wins and even more unforgettable losses.

Remember Gazza’s famous Dentist Chair Goal Against Scotland with the delightful lobbing of Colin Hendry? If you’ve got your hands on a Gascoine or Hendry Shirt, you could cash them in for a pretty penny with them going for £220 and £200 respectively!

The Holland Shirt – the uniform donned when England unforgettably beat Holland 4-1 in their final group game. If you’ve got a Dennis Bergkamp shirt hanging around? You may be in for a treat with them fetching a cool £200.

Skip to the 1996 semi-finals – The Germany Shirt symbolises a more sombre memory of when England was beaten by Germany. Nonetheless, this German Shirt is now worth a few quid with a Klinsmann shirt still fetching £175.

Or how about Wales best player of the 2016 tournament that’s still worth £90 after just 5 years so who knows what it’ll be worth in another 25 years! Or a Beckham shirt from Euro 2000 still fetching £150 showing how he’s classed as an England all time great.

Tipping the top spot though is an England shirt that was used in the 1980 Euros & 1982 World Cup as the Home Shirt showing that England shirts of yesteryear lasted you longer than a year before being out of date. It’s now worth a staggering £450 – a nice bit of cash if you’re not sentimental.

So our advice in this tournament is look out for those special moments and players of the tournament and get buying shirts, you never know in 50 years they might be worth a pretty penny.

Top football memorabilia you might have in your wardrobe.

Fans have always enjoyed collecting and investing in sporting memorabilia. From classic replica shirts to sticker albums and other football souvenirs, fans could be sitting on a goldmine without even knowing it.

Authentic and retro vintage shirts can sell for hundreds of pounds online and are particularly popular with footie fans who are eager to spend a small fortune to collect the memorabilia.

If you manage to get your hands on the right item at the right time, you could find yourself sitting on a tidy profit.

So, the team at NetVoucherCodes started wondering, how much would the best of the best memorabilia sell for? 

Do you know what to look for and how much an item you already own in storage could be worth?

Well, we’ve researched and identified exactly which football-related keepsakes have the most value in 2020. 

Football fans could be sitting on a secret treasure trove without even knowing it. Here’s the lowdown on the most popular football memorabilia, from retro shirts to sticker albums.

Football Memrobilia

The prices of other rare items, including medals, sticker albums and programmes, have also shot up and they can sell for hundreds.

From footballs to training strips, you can see the full research with all the items and costs here…

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If you are lucky to own any of these items, then congratulations you could sell for a nice profit, or keep as it may well provide sentimental value. Either way it’s a win-win.

So, if you have something you think is of value, or thinking of buying a collectable, these are the main things to look out for:

  • Age — anything over 50 years old is most collectable. What’s in your grandad’s shed?
  • Rarity — if there are many available, this will bring the value down. Not everyone’s been to a FA Cup Final… anything final related holds a lot of value. A Cup Final programmes are always of a high value
  • Popularity — programmes with an iconic footballer on the cover or detailing a famous match are the most prized and valuable. A footballer or managers last game for a club increases the match day programmes value… so it’s worth checking!
  • Condition — It goes without saying that creases, missing staples and water damage all harm the price of the memorabilia. Keep it in the best nick you can.

With Premier League season restarting, now could be a great time to dust off any memorabilia you’ve had the last few decades hiding in storage.