Shopping In The Seasons

“Shopping in the seasons? What’s that?” I hear you say. Well, you can be forgiven for not knowing, as in today’s society we’re all used to fresh produce is readily available at our local supermarket or online. Long gone are the days when our groceries were bought at the local corner shop.
The demise of the high street has meant a drop in the number of independent retailers:

  • The greengrocer for fresh fruit and veg.
  • The Fishmonger.
  • The butcher.
  • The milkman for your daily delivery of all your dairy produce.

With the advent of the supermarket and the convenience of shopping for everything under one roof shoppers were tempted away from the high street. Supermarkets are able to buy in bulk and this, in turn, results in cheaper prices for the consumer. A wider choice of produce is also available, with large supermarkets sourcing them from far-flung places – which has led to the availability of more productive, and some exotic flavours, on an all year round basis.

It sounds and was wonderful for the shopper, if not for the local small businesses! 🙁

However, in more recent times there has been a shift back towards more local/home grown produce. Whether you’re concerned about your carbon footprint or you simply prefer to buy local, more and more people are looking for a change. The problem we have is that the lack of small independent shops has meant that they have had to specialise in order to survive, often resulting in expensive ranges.

It’s a double-edged sword – we want to buy local but it’s too expensive.

So how do we shop economically, whilst at the same time buying local produce?

The answer lies in being savvy and shopping/cooking in line with the seasons. Most fresh produce has a season, whether it’s fruit, vegetables or even meat and fish. By planning your meals and shopping according to the seasons you can benefit from produce that is more readily available and cheaper than the “out of season” stuff! (If it’s in season the supermarkets tend to buy-in greater quantities, which leads to better deals on the prices)

But it doesn’t end there, most households have a freezer, which enables you to buy in season and then freeze it for future use.

With that in mind the savvy money-saving people over at NetVoucherCodes have whipped up a Best of The British Seasons Guide PDF that you can print out and hang in your kitchen. So now you’ll always be ahead of the curve and clued up on which seasonal food to buy! Click here to get started. 🙂