Don’t be too hard on yourself if you have found yourself swearing more, as a result of being trapped in the house throughout lockdown. In fact, you can turn your potty mouth into a great way to achieve savings goals.

Musicians with the most profane chart-topping songs would have to cough up as much as £532.50 to a new celebrity swear jar each time their track is streamed.

We are recommending using a swear jar at home to save some pennies and improve your lockdown language.

Our contribution suggestions to the swear jar are fairly high… but we think the stars can afford it! You should adjust the amounts in your house to suit your budget, savings goals and swear frequency.

We analysed the most-streamed tracks from the past four weeks to reveal which artist’s swear jar would save the most money – including fan favourites Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, and Eminem. 

The fining system saw penalties of £15 for f*ck, and £10 for sh*t for the chart-topping celebs, but the penalty in pounds can be adjusted by those at home, to whatever they feel fit.

Swear Jar Savings

A massive 43% of the songs currently in the UK’s Spotify top 100 use well known profanities, with a further 2% containing very explicit lyrics to do with sex and drugs, but narrowly avoiding a hefty fine.

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion had the most salacious single with ‘WAP’. The rappers are being charged 50p for every ‘ass’ which was mentioned 16 times and £1.50 for each ‘p*ssy’, which appears 18 times. 

Taking into account the other nine expletives and multiplying them by each of the song’s 3,520,168 streams, the pair would have to be billed a whopping £457,621,840 for one of the sauciest songs of the decade.

19-year-old Lil Tjay takes the crown for being the worst potty mouthed musician of 2021 so far. 

His top 100 song ‘F.N’ contains 38 swears and he also tops the chart for the most ‘f*cks’ given, using the word 32 times in one song and leaving him owing £532.50 for each time the song has been streamed.

In all the songs analysed, the F-bomb was the most common curse used, accounting for 45% (156) of the 340 expletives in the top 100.

Arguably one of the tamest of swears was the least popular profanity. ‘P*ss’ only appeared in five different songs, making up a mere 2% of all the bad language in the charts. 

Surprisingly, no one in the top 100 was blasphemous enough to dare drop the c-bomb. It was a good job, because the notoriously naughty profanity carried a penalty of £20.

Despite her good girl image, Ariana’s newest tracks have landed her in swear jar trouble. Having Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion feature on the 34+35 Remix added an extra 4 swears in comparison to her solo version, boosting her up our lewd leaderboard.

Six lucky artists missed out on a swearing sanction, but they could have landed themselves in big trouble for the other explicit things they spoke about, including references to sex and drugs. These artists include Drake, Dave, AJ Tracey and The Weeknd.

If every musician in the top 100 was fined, they would owe around £8 billion (£7,937,477,140.00) for all their combined streams.

We also looked at the Official Charts UK’s top albums of the last 12 months and found swear words aplenty.

All of the artists that landed themselves an album in the top 10 were guilty of cussing, but Eminem’s ‘Music To Be Murdered By’ brought in the most swearing revenue.

The only tracks with a clean record were the interlude and outro, but we can’t praise Eminem for holding his tongue, as he wasn’t on them. His final pop star swear jar total comes to £2,278.50 per album play.

Out of all 206 swear words on Eminem’s latest release, the two C-bombs that he dropped were undoubtedly the worst. But he wasn’t the only artist who dared to drop the worst swear word imaginable.

Stormzy also uses the ‘c’ word curse on his album ‘Heavy is The Head’. He uses the term on the track ‘Wiley Flow’, which initially left fans confused if it was a cuss or compliment to Wiley. After beef between the artists and controversial comments from Wiley more recently, we think he probably meant it!

Up there with Eminem with high swear expenditure was Pop Smoke, the album ‘Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon’ has a grand total of 185 vulgarities.

He was caught out with the £15 charge for f*ck, saying it 67 times set him back £1,045.00. However, not dropping the C-bomb has saved him a fair bit of money – because he only gained an additional £625.50 as other foul mouth penalties.

The album ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’ by Billie Eilish had the least swears in the top 10. There was only one expletive on the track ‘B*tches broken hearts’, contributing a meager £2.50 to the jar, despite its provocative title.

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