UPDATED VERSION: An updated version of this infographic, taking into consideration the end of season stats is available here.

Is football becoming too big a price to pay?

Football – Love it or loathe it? It is however one of the major sports in the UK and one which can be enjoyed by the whole family, but what are the true costs involved?

Average match-day ticket prices have risen by almost 12% in the past 12 months, and if you combine this with the current fragile state of the economy there is a danger that the ordinary football fan could be priced out of going to support their favourite team, especially if you support a Premier League Team. Many club representatives will feel that the prices are justified based on the success of the clubs and money spent attracting world class players, but do these prices offer real value for money in terms of tangible success?


It’s not just the cost of watching a match that is involved there are all the extras that fans want to purchase. Whilst the football clubs have their own shops, selling kits and memorabilia the cost can soon mount up. Therefore it is always wise to check out any offers that may be available with stores, such as SportsDirect.com, that can help to keep the football fan up to date with all the latest merchandise.

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