Here at we’re all about three things: video games, football and exciting online wizardry like Twitter. In recent years this highly addictive social media giant has become a fan-favourite platform for football lovers and players to sound off on their favourite teams and transfers and offer their own freelance managerial advice…whether we want to hear it or not. Even we’d be lying if we said we’re innocent of going on the odd post-game Twitter rant or two…

Then we discovered 8-Bit Football’s amazingly cool retro-doodles (unfamiliar? Stop what you’re doing and click here. You can thank us later), and had a brilliant idea. What if we were to take well known teams and players and rank them as if the amount of Twitter followers they had reflected their league points? The results are pretty interesting. See who ranked where in our nifty infographic below and don’t forget to share with your mates.

The Football League According To Twitter - INFOGRAPHIC

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