PRESS RELEASE: 12th November 2013

The average British woman will remain with her hairdresser longer than her husband – a new study has found.
The study by money saving website found that, on average, British women remain with the same hairdresser for 12.4 years.
This is almost a year longer than the typical marriage lasts in the UK, which currently stands at 11 years and six months.
The study asked 360 women how long they had been with their current hairdresser and took an average of the results given.
Also a majority of women, 53%, would put their hairdresser in the top 10 most important people in their lives. Researchers also found that it takes the average women 1.8 years to find the perfect hairdresser.
The study also revealed that nearly one in ten women, nine per cent, believed proximity to their hairdresser would be a prime consideration when moving house.
One woman who took part in the study said: “I’ve known my hairdresser longer than my children and my husband, in fact I’d go as far as saying she has become part of my extended family.
“It takes absolutely ages to find the perfect stylist who cuts your hair just the way you like it, so when you do eventually find the right person, you don’t want to let them go. My hairdresser is one of the top five people in my life never mind top ten.”
Another said: “I don’t know what it is about my hairdresser, but I can talk to her about everything and anything. In fact I probably share more with her than many of my friends.
“I don’t know what I would do if she moved away, I’d probably convince my husband that we’d have to move as well.”
One final woman said: “I’m not loyal to one particular hair salon, but I am fiercely loyal to my hairdresser. It took me five years of going from pillar to post to find Chris and when I eventually found him it was love at first perm.
“He’s been based at two or three different salons now and I follow him no matter how hard the salons try and make me stay.”
A spokeswoman for commented: “The bond a woman has with her hairdresser is an extremely close one, and one she would not give up lightly.
“As our study found, women spend over a year trying to find the right hairdresser, so it is completely understandable that they remain with them for a long time.
“We were surprised to see however, that nearly one in ten women were prepared to take the location of their hairdresser as a serious consideration when moving house, that’s what I call commitment.”

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