In recent years unicorns have become an obsession with both adults and children of all ages, and are now one of the most popular trends available. With practically every retailer jumping on the unicorn bandwagon, all you unicorn lovers out there now have an abundance of products to choose from with everything from unicorn shower caps to unicorn pets being sold worldwide. With so many magical accessories and toys to choose from you may find yourself becoming overwhelmed when it comes to buying, unsure about which products and toys are actually worth the money. Well, to help in your decision making, we’ve created a list of the top 20 Unicorn Gifts for 2018- with everything from unicorn cat horns to magic unicorn carriages included.

All these products featured are sure to make great Christmas presents for any unicorn fan this year and many are also discounted to help you save money this Christmas. You can also discover voucher codes and offers from us for all of the retailers mentioned below – allowing you to cut costs even further with each purchase.

1. Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise – £49.99

The Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorns are magic little collectables that are super stylish and fashionable. You can feed each one of these unicorns, and with a little unicorn magic and sparkle, you can customise their unicorn poop and transform it multiple times. The Poopsie Slime Surprise also includes ten magical surprises, a mystery scent dropper, a unicorn spoon and a collector’s sheet, unicorn food (slime powder), unicorn magic, a collectible bottle and a poop character keychain. There’s currently 4 different unicorns to collect including Dazzle Darling (blue), Whoopsie Doodle (purple), Oopsie Starlight (pink) and Rainbow Brightstar (rainbow).

2. Inflatable Cat Unicorn Horn – £7.99

Don’t leave your kitty out this Christmas, treat them to this Inflatable Cat Unicorn Horn! This vinyl Inflatable Unicorn Horn is ideally shaped and made for cats of all sizes. The four point elastic strap system helps it sit perfectly on your moggies head without getting on their nerves, it’s cat safe and great for taking selfies!

3. Unicorn Shower Cap – £6.99

Replace your boring old shower cap with this fun and fabulous Unicorn Shower Cap that’s sure to make shower time more exciting. This little accessory will make a great stocking filler for both kids and adults who are unicorn crazy.

4. Electric Walking Unicorn – £11.99

Treat your kids this Christmas with this cute Electric Walking Unicorn! Made from high quality fabric that’s super soft and colourful these little unicorns also have reflective wings that will bring your children’s imaginations to life. Your little ones are going to love trailing their sweet unicorn around behind them everywhere they go and will love seeing them dance, walk and sing! Simply press the heart button and watch this toy come to life.

5. VTech Myla the Magical Make-Up Unicorn – £44.99

Myla, the Magical Makeup Unicorn is one of the must have unicorn gifts that will definitely be making an appearance on your little one’s Christmas list this year. Thanks to the magical makeup brush included you can style Myla in any way you want, selecting numerous colours from the makeup palette and applying it to her horn, eyes, and wings. You can then watch in amazement as they magically light up in that colour! Myla also sings and comes with a magic microphone so your little one can enjoy duos with their new favourite unicorn friend.

6. Personalised Unicorn Blanket – £20.00

These Personalised Unicorn Blankets are a must have Christmas gift for unicorn lovers of all ages. Just £20 with free personalisation, these blankets are great for keeping warm on cold winter days and are something that can be kept and cherished forever.

7. Fingerlings Unicorn Assortment – £16.99

Kids everywhere are going mad for these Unicorn Fingerling Pets. These unique little pets respond to you with special unicorn sounds and will let you know how they feel with their adorable blinking eyes and head turns. You’ll get different reactions if you pet them, rock them to sleep, or hold them upside down, and if you blow them a unicorn a kiss, they will kiss you back.

8. Cath Kidston Unicorn Rainbow Print Pyjamas – £22.00

If you’re looking for a pair of pretty unicorn pyjamas for your little lady this Christmas then look no further. These Cath Kidston Unicorn Rainbow Print Pyjamas are so gorgeous and adorable, perfect for little ladies aged 2-12 years. With a girly, pretty print, beautiful pastel colours and high quality material from a brand you can rely on, you can buy comfortably knowing that these are a pair of pyjamas that will last.

9. Fluffy Unicorn Backpack – £9.39

If you’re after a cute unicorn stocking filler for your little one then take a look at this Fluffy Unicorn Backpack! With multi coloured fluffy material, an iridescent back and straps, this backpack makes for one of the prettiest little bags- perfect for nursery, school and sleepovers.

10. Kid Connection Giant Multi-coloured Unicorn Soft Toy and the Unicorn Snuggle Buddies – £20.00

The Kid Connection Giant Multi-coloured Unicorn Soft Toy will make a super cute addition to your little one’s teddy collection and has proven to be extremely popular this year. Although it is currently out of stock at Asda it is expected to make a return sometime before Christmas.

11. Feber My Lovely Unicorn – £189.99

Your little princess will love the magic of this Feber My Lovely Unicorn Ride-On. Sitting on the saddle, your child will feel like fairytale royalty as they control the magical steed via the reins, moving forward, backwards, left and right. The Feber Unicorn also comes complete with a brush accessory that lets your little one groom and style the unicorn’s long pink hair and the lights-and-sounds magic horn adds an extra hint of enchanted beauty that children will love.

12. Unicorn Christmas stocking – £15.85

This Unicorn Christmas Stocking is ideal for storing your little unicorn lover’s toys in on Christmas Eve. This Sass and Belle stocking is super pretty and cute and can be reused every year as much as you want. Your little one will love coming down on Christmas morning to see their presents in this!

13. Melissa & Doug Unicorn Plush Toy – £67.99

Your little one can finally get their hands on their very own unicorn with the Melissa & Doug Unicorn Plush Toy! This giant plush toy stands on it’s own and has a pretty pink mane and tail with shimmering silver strands that catch the light, as well as super-silky plush fur, satin star decorations, beautiful blue eyes, and a soft, shiny horn. This enchanting friend is sure to become your little one’s new favourite that they can care for and play with all day long.

14. Unicorn Minnie Mouse Bedding Set – from £19.99

The ideal bedding for any Minnie Mouse and unicorn fan- this duvet set includes two of your little one’s favourite things and is super pretty and magical. Available as a single or a double, this reversible bedding set is sure to be your child’s favourite and can be used any time of the year, ensuring unicorn dreams all year round.

15. Baby Unicorn Romper – $9.52

If you’re buying for a baby this year and aren’t sure what to get then take a look at this Baby Unicorn Romper. Not only will this little one piece keep any baba snug and warm it’s also so adorable and cute- think of all the great photos you’ll be able to get in this!

16. Live Little Pets Unicorn – £22.99

The Little Live Pet Unicorn is proving to be another must have unicorn toy that your little is sure to want this Christmas. Available in two different styles this Little Live Unicorn Pet makes sounds, has a light up horn and dances to her own music. You can also brush her mane and feed her too with the special unicorn cupcake accessories included.

17. Little Tikes Magical Unicorn Carriage – £95.99

The Little Tikes Magical Unicorn Carriage looks absolutely amazing and is one of the top favourite toys for Christmas this year. Your toddler can sit inside this beautiful carriage and make all her fairytale dreams come true with the rotating unicorn and it’s light up horn. Perfect for little ones aged 18 months and older, this magical unicorn carriage can be used both inside and outdoors and is sure to last for years.

18. My Fairy Garden Unicorn Garden – £19.99

With the Fairy Unicorn Garden your child can create their own beautiful garden for fairy Belle and her magical unicorn to enjoy. This ‘grow and play’ playset includes Belle the fairy and her unicorn and mouse friends, along with a sparkly fairy house, a wishing well with a working acorn bucket, bunting, fairy dust and lots more. With this your little ones can sow the seeds provided and watch their enchanting garden grow into something amazing.

19. Matching Unicorn Onesies and Dressing Gowns – £14.99

If you’re whole family is unicorn mad then make sure to get your hands on these matching Unicorn Onesies and Dressing Gowns. With sizes and styles for ladies and little girls: mum, grandma, aunty, sister and daughter can receive one of these multicoloured unicorn onesies or dressing gowns and you can all match together! Available in multiple sizes and colours everyone can enjoy this great gift.

20. Unicorn Snuggle Pets – £24.99

The super cute Unicorn Snuggle Pets can go anywhere your child goes with spring action legs and moveable tails and heads. These adorable pets can walk and gallop alongside your little one and love to cuddle too with their soft, fluffy coat. Not only can your little one cuddle and walk these unicorn pets they can also style and decorate their colourful mains with the clips on accessories that are included.

Prices correct at time of publishing.