Over the past few years gin has become increasingly popular, with more and more retailers adding new flavours of gin and gin liqueurs to their stock every season. As the festive season approaches there has been a surge of Christmas and yuletide inspired gins released on the market, as well as plenty of restocks of fruity favourites from throughout the year. Below we have listed 25 of the most popular flavoured gins and gin liqueurs, all of which will either make great Christmas gifts for any gin lover, or exceptional additions to your Christmas alcohol collection this year.

1. Edinburgh Christmas Gin

Swimming with heady rich spices, sweet orange and notes of frankincense and myrrh-to add a fragrant festive aroma and a honey like texture- the Edinburgh Christmas Gin is the ultimate winter warmer that’ll get you right into the festive spirit. It even contains a hint of nutmeg for genuine yuletide warmth.

2. Salted Caramel & Apple Gin Liqueur

A mouth-watering, irresistible salted caramel and baked apple gin liqueur, for those of you with a sweeter tooth, this gin liqueur is best enjoyed in a Christmas cocktail of your choosing and is sure to give you that comforting festive aroma.

3. Gingerbread Gin Liqueur

Crafted using ginger and cinnamon flavours for a delightful seasonal sip, this gorgeous
glittery tipple tastes just like the festive favourite- gingerbread, and is also suitable for vegetarians.

4. Spiced Plum and Clementine Gin

Smooth, clean and light refreshing gin with warm spiced notes and a rich plum flavour, followed by a sweet clementine finish- this is the perfect gin for Christmas enthusiasts that are craving the scent of the yuletide season.

5. Sacred Christmas Pudding Gin

Made using Great Aunt Nellie’s Christmas pudding recipe this gin combines actual Christmas puddings that are steamed for 8 hours and then macerated with English grain spirit for 2 months and redistilled. This tipple is a real labour of love and is sure to leave the smell of Christmas pudding lingering for days.

6. Zymurgorium Realm of the Unicorn Realm Gin Liqueur

The Realm of the Unicorn Gin Liqueur is a particularly sweet gin-based liqueur from Manchester’s Zymurgorium, flavoured to taste like marshmallow with classic juniper-y goodness. This glittery liqueur adds a delightful shimmer to cocktails- a must have for any unicorn fan that loves sparkly, girly drinks.

7. Firebox Flamingo Tears Pink Grapefruit Gin

Although this gin liqueur is not particularly Christmassy with its pink grapefruit flavour-that’s been created from the glittery tears of fabulous flamingos- it’s still a great gift for any gin lover that loves sweet, shimmery gin cocktails.

8. Edinburgh Gin Apple & Spice Gin Liqueur

Another Edinburgh favourite, this gin is bursting with flavour from crisp green apples. Combining this with a warming hint of cinnamon spice and the award winning Edinburgh Gin Classic, these ingredients marry together to create a sumptuously sweet liqueur that’s perfectly balanced and incredibly tasting.

9. Eden Mills Candy Cane Gin

With a subtle juniper resin that leads to a warmer, rich, minty character with hints of light, berry fruits, this Gin tastes just like the Christmas sweet treat- candy canes. From Eden Mills of St Andrews Scotland this gin is best served from a tulip gin glass and tastes great in a classic G&T mixture.

10. Hortus Pomegranate & Rose Gin Liqueur

This gin-based liqueur leads with rose aromatics but delivers plenty of tart and pomegranate fruitiness with each sip. Although this fruitiness makes for a more summery drink it is still a great gift for a gin lover this Christmas.

11. Pink Unicorn Tears Raspberry Gin

Supposedly from the tear ducts of real unicorns, this magical raspberry gin liqueur is extra pink and shimmery to make every beverage more beautiful. Simply swirl to unlock the stunning iridescence that’ll add magic to any Christmas cocktail. Infused with the flavours of sweet, plump raspberries, sour citrus and juniper berries, this gin is the ultimate gift for any unicorn lover.

12. Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Liqueur

Crafted using the natural flavours of rhubarb and ginger this gin liqueur will add a festive hint to any beverage and is sure to warm the senses on a cold winter’s day. And, not only is this gin liqueur incredibly affordable it’s also suitable for vegetarians too.

13. Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding Gin

A new addition to Heston’s spirits collection, this gin combines cinnamon, nutmeg, raisins and orange peel for a real festive treat. Serve as a festive negroni with an orange peel garnish or just with tonic for a great tasting alcoholic drink.

14. Passionfruit Gin Liqueur

Lovingly distilled in only small batches, this passion fruit gin liqueur is fruity, rich and wonderful as a summer cocktail, a dessert drink, or poured over crushed ice. This will make a great gift for Christmas and is sure to be a hit with all guests or visitors during Christmas or new years eve parties.

15. Gordon’s Sloe Gin

Gordon’s Sloe Gin was first launched in 1908, but a fabulous new version has brought it back to life. Using a classic blend, this new sloe gin takes the dryness of Gordon’s with cassis sweetness in a clear bottle that shows off the rich, dark berry colour and great taste.

16. Unicorn Tears Black Gin Liqueur

The iconic mythical creatures gin is now available in black, using infusions of candied orange, herbs, spice and junipers to create a more festive taste. And if you swirl this bottle of black magic you’ll discover a storm of shimmer inside.

17. Zymurgorium Sweet Violet Gin

Love the taste or smell of sweet violet? Well now you can bottle this light and tasty perfume and enjoy it as an alcoholic beverage that tastes good any time of the year.

18. McQueen Forrest Fruits Colour Changing Gin

This McQueen Forest Fruits gin comes in a beautifully embossed bottle and is made from the Asian Butterfly Pea Flower’s petals. The natural ingredient is PH reactive which causes the gin to change colour when a mixer is added. A truly magnificent bottle of alcohol for any gin lover.

19. Edinburgh Gin Plum & Vanilla Liqueur

Made using the juiciest plums that are macerated in delicate Madagascan vanilla, this gin contains delightful stone fruit and hints of almond as well as the award-winning Edinburgh Gin. The perfect base for cocktails, this luscious, velvety liqueur is also great with champagne or over ice for a luxurious Christmas treat.

20. Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin

Combining bright flavours from Scottish raspberries, balanced with Juniper notes; a delicate sweetness rounds this deliciously vibrant gin. The perfect component for warm festive cocktails this festive season- the Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin is the perfect gift for any gin lover in your life.

21. Zymurgorium Cherry Bakewell Gin Based Liqueur

Savour a sip of this fabulous Bakewell Tart gin liqueur that infuses a bright burst of real cherries with almond flavouring to create a punchy beverage with notes of festivity and a real Christmassy aroma.

22. Chase Rhubarb and Bramley Apple Gin

From William Chase’s farm comes an irresistible twist on a classic. With freshly cut apple and crumble on the nose, sweet rhubarb on the palate and a hint of warm spice on the finish, it’s utterly unique and unmistakably English- a great addition to your Christmas alcohol collection.

23. Pixie Tears Gin

A crisp elderflower and cucumber gin made from the emerald tears of pixies. This gin really brings the Christmas magic with a shimmery texture that appears when swirled or mixed.

24. Zymurgorium Turkish Delight Gin Liqueur

Infusing the aromatic, fragrant flavour of Turkish Delight with floral notes of rose petals and light juniper, this light gin will give you the exact taste of one of your favourite exotic sweet treats- Turkish Delight.

25. Whitley Neill Palma Violet Gin

If you were a huge fan of Palma Violet sweets as a kid then make sure this Whitley Neill gin is on your Christmas list this year. Handcrafted with exceptional quality with a beautifully complex finish, this drink combines the aromatic violet flower with a subtle floral note and a smooth English gin base for a vibrant, intense taste.