Geek Gadgets Montage
Oh the cruel irony! What’s that you ask? Oh just the fact that the coolest, most sought after collectables are often far out of the financial reach of the very pop-culture fanatics they’re aimed at. Could you ever dream of something more unfair than a poor little Star Wars fan being denied a replica Lightsaber prop because of the item’s weighty price tag? Sadly that’s often the case. With movie and video game fanatics becoming more and more rabid, a growing number of outlets have begun producing high end geek collectables to quench their insatiable thirsts. Sadly, the best ones are only affordable to the super rich; the types who wouldn’t think twice about shelling out a few grand on a molded piece of plastic in the shape of a ray gun, space helmet or screen accurate gadget. We scoured the net to find a few items that definitely DO NOT Live Life For Less. From highest to lowest, check out our list below!

Han Solo Desk

Han Solo Carbonite Desk – Price determined On Commission i.e A LOT.

Direct from Bespin, this has to be the ultimate piece of office furniture for any Star Wars fan. Jabba The Hutt’s former palace ornament is made from metal, glass and fibreglass, boasts incredible levels of detail and is fully functional as a working desktop surface. Replicated down to a tee from the original Empire Strikes Back cast, Han’s carbonite casing boasts unrivalled levels of movie accuracy and is guaranteed to make a lasting impression. This item is available exclusively from and custom made to order, but buyers beware; it won’t come cheap. You love it? We know.

King Kong

King Kong Replica Figure – £144,19.00 / $224,95.00 – This mammoth or should we say King Kong sized collectable is a homage to one of the first special effects laden movies and a testament to the timeless artistry of Marcel Delgado. Along with fellow effects pioneer Willis O’Brien, Delago helped create the iconic Kong featured in the 1933 movie which this giant geek toy is based on. If you fancy buying it you’ll need a spacious home. This figure is big, Kong is approximately 12.5’ high with an arm span of 14’ and the whole figure weighs around 500 pounds. Its fibreglass body is infused with hairs that have been blended onto its colour accurate body. All you need to provide is a crate of bananas and a tiny model of Fay Wray.

Tron Lightcycle

Tron Lightcycle – £36,937/$55,000.00

Ready to have the contents of your wallet derezzed? Being poor may seem like a bum deal but just look at what you get in return. The TRON Motorcycle available from is modelled directly from the sleek Lightcycles seen in the recent Disney sequel Tron Legacy and comes in a smart looking black and neon blue combo. It’s built upon a standard Suzuki 996cc engine and allows you to ride it laying down, just like Kevin Flynn speeding his way across the grid. Ready to play? Enter $55,000.00 and press start.

Iron Throne

Game of Thrones Replica Throne – £20,147/$30,000

The most sought after seat in all of King’s Landing can now be your personal bum-rest. But are you worthy of the Iron Throne? To prove yourself you won’t need bravery, valour or raw guts so much as deep pockets or a large satchel of gold. Custom made by hand for each order out of resin and fibreglass, Game of Thrones’ foreboding sword seat will cost you $30,000/£2009 to buy. It’ll also take around 6-8 weeks to be constructed and shipped, so you’d better order one of those little camping seats while you wait or your royal legs will get all achy.

Nike Air Mag

Back To The Future Air Mags – £4000+/$5945+

When Marty McFly visited 2015 in Back To The Future Part 2 he encountered many cool and colourful things. However the super futuristic Air Mag Nikes that the Doc gave him quickly became a fan favourite. Thankfully for us non-time travellers, Nike teamed up with The Michael J Fox Foundation to make our fantasies a reality, creating just 1500 pairs to be auctioned on eBay for charity. The shoe itself is made from reinforced mesh and while the power-lace feature unfortunately remains absent, they’re graced with a glowing blue LED sole which is rechargeable and lasts for up to five hours. Want a pair? Get in line. With available stock limited you’ll have to fork out an arm and a leg to bring these cool collectables back from the future.

Terminator Endoskelleton

T-800 Replica – £3972.98/$5999.99

Sarah Connor warned us that one day the machines would rise up. Sadly she forgot to mention that the first thing they’d do is head straight for our wallets. This epic lifesize endoskeleton is the real deal; it’s Arnie minus the muscles and dodgy Austrian accent. Standing over six foot tall and coming complete with light up features and heavy duty armoury, this movie collectible will set you back a fair bit. If you’re looking to bring the T-800 home you’ll need to splash out a whopping $5999.99 (£3972.98). Hasta la vista, savings.


Dalek – £3495/$5203

Just when you thought you’d escaped the Doctor’s most feared foe, comes along and brings them right into your home. Think this is just some glorified dustbin? Think again. The Dalek replica is hand built to order and modelled directly from the original BBC prop. It comes with a handful of features that’ll get you craving world domination in no time. Standing at 5’3”, the Firebox Dalek has a 360° rotating dome head, moving arms and inset casters in the base for easy access. You can even get a range of incarnations from modern day gold, to traditional black. Sadly, the only missing component is the ability to get in and ride the thing. That’s right, no chasing Time Lords for you…

Hobbit Hole

Hobbit Hole – £2,300/$3,425

Once you’ve returned from a hard day of destroying rings, you’ll need a little place of your own to rest your head and put up your over-sized, hairy feet. Sadly, we’ll never be able to visit the glorious landscapes of Middle Earth but that hasn’t stopped the excellent carpenters at from whipping up the next best thing. For the rather modest price of $3,427, they’ll pimp out your shed, playhouse, sauna or even your dog house into a Hobbit Hole worthy of any Baggins, Took or Gamgee. You can even customise your hole design to make it a  truly bespoke home away from home. The wizards, dwarves and elves will be queuing around the corner.

Darth Vader Helmet

Replica Darth Vader Helmet – £663/$999

Who doesn’t want to be the most feared force in the whole galaxy? This 1/1 scale Darth Vader helmet is screen accurate and modelled after the mask David Prowse wore in A New Hope. eFX Collectables originally released two versions of this purchasable prop; a simplified one and an incredibly detailed Legend Edition which remarkably replicated the helmet to the exact specs of its on-screen counterpart, right down to the brush strokes. It may set you back $999 (£663) but in return you’ll get a Halloween costume that’ll last you lightyears.

If you had a disposable income, what geek gadget would you buy? Let us know in the comments section below!