The mystery around UFO’s and sightings of unusual objects have captivated and divided the world for decades.

The very first sighting of a UFO was first reported way back in 1947. Since then, sightings of peculiar-looking ‘spaceships’ illuminating the sky have been reported in all corners of the globe.

Even now, these extraterrestrial creatures continue to grab the attention of millions more than ever.

With thousands of sightings appearing every year, we’re casting our eyes on data reported right here in the UK over the past year alone.

In light of world UFO day soon approaching (2nd July), we’re delving into ‘Alien Hotspots’ here in the UK – using our data to determine where and when you’re most likely to grab a glimpse of these other-worldly creatures.

Fancy a UFO-hunting staycation? We’ve lined up the top active locations for alien activity in the UK.

Whether you’re sceptic, a researcher or simply intrigued – these sightings may just pave the way for future knowledge and findings on these unexplained aerial phenomena.

However, spotting an unidentified flying object has always been a game of chance and chase.

Our research has shown that sightings can happen at any time of the night and sometimes during the day although reports are most commonly made during 10 and 11pm.

UFO Sightings across the UK in the last 12 months*

South of England (total spots 38)

Tipping our top spot with the most recorded sightings in the last year is none other than the UK’s capital. Home to the most reports of suspicious activity in the sky, over 20 sightings have come in from London in the last 12 months alone.

From ‘orange glowing orbs’ to ‘fast-moving strings of light’, it’s safe to say there have been some peculiar findings in the region.

Some onlookers of the abnormal sights described a selection of V-shaped objects in the airspace above the capital over Christmas. Some reported spotting silent red lights in the sky at 7 pm one March evening this year and others spotted pulsating orbs just last month!

So, if you’re eager to get in on the action, London, Portsmouth and Aylesbury are your best bet.

North-East of England (total spots 21)

If you’re an alien enthusiast living in the North of England, you’ll be glad to hear that our runner-up with the second most UFO sightings recorded appeared in the North-East of England.

Bright red UFOs were seen in Washington last November, with more recent reports describing erratic moving lights in Hull at 9 pm one evening in March this year.

A month earlier, in February 2021, a large silent craft was reportedly seen at a countryside scene in North Yorkshire just gone at 11 pm.

If these abnormal sightings weren’t spooky enough, back in October of last year, ‘2 jets and 2 balls’ were seen lurking in the sky! Crazy eh?

Scotland (total spots 19)

Artist Impression: on the 16th April 2021 a UFO was spotted over Edinburgh

If you’ve had Scotland on your hit list for a while, there’s no better time than now to head to the highlands. Closely following the North-East, Scotland has been hit with an abundance of Alien activity with 19 sightings reported in the last 12 months.

Central Scotland saw the most sightings, with several reports logged in Airdrie, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Again, floating orbs, strings of lights and UFO’s have all been described to be lingering in the sky – most in the evening and early hours.

In an extraordinary reveal, actual aliens were reported to have been spotted in Bishopbriggs, south Scotland, back in February 2021 at 3 am during one late night. If that doesn’t have you running to the highlands, we’re not sure what will.

North-West of England (total spots 18)

Heading back to the North and just 1 behind the highlands, the North-West of England has had its fair share of alien activity.

Over in Great Boughton, one teatime after a year in lockdown, two tic-tac mint shaped long objects were spotted overhead.

Though in more recent reports, a spherical, highly reflective, stationary object was seen in the skies of Buckshaw Village at 8pm on the 6th of June, less than a month ago…. Mind-blowing!

South-East of England (total spots 17)

Artists Impression: February 2021 a ‘Long thing’ was seen floating above Bognor Regis.

Down in Bognor Regis, over 50 travelling lights were sighted one evening in May and over in Monks Gate, a ‘long thing’ was seen floating past one UFO spotter just before midday in February.

Probably one of the most obscure sightings we’ve uncovered was the ‘outline of a spaceship & hieroglyph’ which was spotted midday, just after 3 pm in Ashland back in April – not your typical sighting while on the dog walk!

Bristol, Plymouth and Tadley have also received their fair share of abnormal activity, with UFO’s, bright flashing lights and a ‘triangular shaped object’ loitering in the sky during the evening.

North of England (total spots 11)

With a respectable 11 sightings reported up North, you could likely spot some alien activity on your next visit to Sheffield, Wakefield or Leeds.

A Y-shaped colourful object was spied in the sky in Carcroft just after 1 pm in February. In the last month alone, one Bingley dweller saw five circle-shaped objects floating in the sky while someone in Leeds saw a black triangle-shaped object overhead at 10:15 pm.

Live in the North or heading up soon? Keep your eyes peeled!

South-West of England (total spots 11)

Joining the North with 11 sightings, is the South-West of England. In the town of Ferndown, a mind-blown member of the public describes seeing a ‘Massive UFO’ in the sky around a year ago one evening just gone 10 pm.

And, in April of this year, mysterious bright lights were spotted at a high altitude in Keynsham one evening at around 9 pm.

‘Dancing Lights’, ‘Orange Orbs’ and a ‘Delta Shape Object’ have all been reported across this region of the UK. Will you be heading here?

Across the rest of England…

Artists Impression: A glowing spinning disc was spotted over Telford in May 2021.

They may not have taken our top spots, but the rest of England has certainly received its fair share of Alien activity.

The West Midlands has had 13 reports of unusual activities up in their skies and In May, a glowing spinning disc was spotted in Telford.

Two reports have come in from Stoke-on-Trent in the last six months, including one detailing a plume of black smoke and a collection of 20 or more star-like objects in a straight single-file line.

The East Midlands saw nine unexplainable sightings, with a bright white, oval-shaped light seen at 5 am, one morning in April.

The East of England was home to seven sightings, with 10 bright white light orbs seen in Essex in April. Only five reports came in about unexplainable sky sightings in the Midlands.

Elsewhere in the UK

Wales has only been home to six spots over the last year, including another tic-tac shaped sky floater seen in Tenby just last month. While residents of Northern Ireland only reported three sightings, including some recent beautiful lights seen in Belfast.

However, that’s not to say it’s not happening where you are, right now!

Discover for yourself

If you fancy getting in on some of the action yourself, London is certainly the place to be heading if you’re on the lookout for some serious unexplained sightings. Closely followed by the North-East and Scotland, our data proves that you could certainly be in for a treat.

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Here’s the full UFO sightings data

*Method: We analyzed the last 12 months of UFO sightings (July 2020 to June 2021) as reported on in the United Kingdom and grouped them into areas of the UK.