There are hundreds of Saint’s days throughout the year but chances are many of them go by unnoticed by Joe Public. Not only are these social occasions holy days, they’re also an opportunity for nations to come together in a common celebration of their history and heritage. With St David celebrating his name day on March 1st, we decided to come up with a quick fact sheet about the life and legacy of Wales’ Patron Saint to clue you in on the historical importance of this national figure.

Wales, known for its rugged castles and the rolling rural landscape is the perfect holiday spot and a natural magnet for tourists. Whether you want to try your hand at some extreme sports, soak up some local culture or just get away from it all, Wales has something for every member of the family. So give our guide to St David’s day a read and remember to consider Wales when booking your summer holidays this year. Enjoy!

Saint David's Day Infographic


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