What’s a Hatchimal?

Hatchimals are this Christmas’ must have toy. Each one comes inside an egg, which must be loved and nurtured in order to hatch which reveals the Hatchimals identity. Inside the egg you’ll find a baby Hatchimal, which resemble a Furby with a hard beak. There are two species of Hatchimal – Penguala or Draggle – part penguin and part dragon. Once your creature is born you can teach them how to walk, talk and play games.

Where can I buy a Hatchimal?

These toys are going to be on a lot of Christmas lists this year and they are selling fast. We’ve compared prices on a few of our retailers so you can grab one for the cheapest price, just make sure you check for a voucher code to see if you can save a bit more.

Hatchimals In Stock

Hatchimals Limited Stock / Higher RRP

  • Amazon* (Pink and green available) from £69.07 plus delivery

Hatchimals Out of Stock

As ever we will be keeping this page updated so keep checking back for stock updates.