December 25th is fast approaching and we at NetVoucherCodes know that many of you parents will already be stocking up on Christmas presents. We also know that when it comes to buying toys and gifts for your kids, it can be hard to know what’s popular. So, to make life easier for you during the run up to Christmas, we’ve scoured the web to find the most popular toys of 2018.

With predictions from huge companies like Amazon & Argos we’ve managed to create a list of the top 11 Christmas Toys for 2018 that includes prices, descriptions and stock information. So if you want to surprise your little ones with the most talked about toys on the playground all you have to do is keep an eye on this handy blog that we’ll make sure to keep updated.

1. Little Live Pets Wrapples Toy

This toy allows your little one to flip and snap cute, irresistible pets onto their wrist and take them wherever they go. Not only are these pets adorable and wearable they also come with 50 interactive sounds, they light up, have emotive eyes, can talk and sing and come with movement sensors. There’s currently three different Little Live Pets Wrapples toys to collect: Princeza, Skyo and Una. Each one of these pets are uniquely styled and have different personalities for your little one to enjoy.



  • Amazon – £16.99
  • Character Online – £16.99
  • Smyths Toys – £16.99, still available in-store. Expected back in stock online between 17th October- 24th October.





2. Chow Crown Game

The Chow Crown Game is a great family or party game that kids aged 8 and upwards can enjoy. All you have to do is put on the crown and load the dangling forks with various food of your choice. The crown will then spin and play music and players have to try to bite off the food without using their hands. The player that’s eaten the most food when the music stops is the winner! This hilarious game can be played in different modes including long mode and short mode and is a great way to enjoy food and spend time with your family and friends. Please note: food is not included and has to be bought separately.


3. Pomsies Plush Interactive Toys

Pomsies are super cute pom-pom pets that are loveable, fashionable and interactive.
Each unique Pomsies pet has a soft, cuddly fur face and tail that you can wrap around your wrist, hair, backpack and clothing, allowing you to take it everywhere you go. Each pet also comes with up to 50 different sound reactions and tells you when they’re happy, sleepy, or hungry. They also have colour changing eyes that light up and sparkle depending on their mood, and come with a special freeze dance mode that your little ones can play with their friends. The Pomsies Plush toys come in 8 different colours and styles so your little one can collect each one. The pets currently available are: Snowball, Blossom, Speckles, Boots, Pinky, Patches, Luna, Kali and Stardust.


  • Smyths Toys – £17.99 (all 8 available here.)
  • Argos – £17.99 (7 different Pomsies available here. You can find 6 different Pomsies to choose form in the ‘assortment’.)
  • Amazon – from £16.88-£28.49 (all 8 available here.)

4. Barbie Careers Care Clinic Ambulance

The Barbie Care Clinic acts as both an ambulance and a hospital with a two-in-one easy transformation system. Your little one can have fun with this toy, responding to calls as an ambulance and then delivering care when it arrives. You can roll the ambulance to the rescue and activate the working lights and siren with a button, and you can enjoy more than 20 themed pieces. Fully equipped with a check-in station, a waiting room, an exam room, a gift shop, an x-ray machine and a vision chart, your little one will feel like a real doctor with this great playset. Please note: the doll is sold separately.


5. L.OL. Surprise! Bigger Surprise!

The L.O.L. Surprise Dolls are on a top secret mission to find their missing pet. Your little ones can help by using the Eye Spy Series in the Bigger Surprise! Toy to discover surprise clues. Not only can you find clues, there’s also 60+ never before seen surprises, 2 limited edition surprise dolls, 1 limited edition surprise little sister and 1 limited edition surprise pet. All of these also come with their own surprises and accessories for your little L.O.L. Surprise fan to enjoy.

In-stock ready to pre-order (available Monday 5th November):-

6. Nerf Laser Ops Pro Alphapoint Blaster

The Nerf Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint Blaster gives players everything they need to face off in head-to-head live-action laser battles. The blasters fire a single-shot with each pull of the trigger and register hits with lights and sounds, while lights on the back display health status and ammo capacity. Designed with unlimited ammo, the blasters have a quick-reload button to replenish your supply. Coming in packs of 2, the blasters allow you to face off in teams or in a free-for-all. And, battlers can even amp up their play via the Nerf Laser Ops app by using the included armband that fits a smartphone device on their arm. On the app, you can access real-time battle intel that allows you to customise the blaster, track your performance, earn power-ups, and use GPS to locate opponents during battle.


7. Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn

The Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorns are magic little collectables that are super stylish and fashionable. You can feed each one of these unicorns, and with a little unicorn magic and sparkle, you can customise their unicorn poop and transform it multiple times. The Poopsie Slime Surprise also includes ten magical surprises, a mystery scent dropper, a unicorn spoon and a collector’s sheet, unicorn food (slime powder), unicorn magic, a collectible bottle and a poop character keychain. There’s currently 4 different unicorns to collect including Dazzle Darling (blue), Whoopsie Doodle (purple), Oopsie Starlight (pink) and Rainbow Brightstar (rainbow).

Dazzle Darling or Whoopsie Doodle (Blue or Purple)


Oopsie Starlight or Rainbow Brightstar ( Pink or Rainbow)


8. Grumblies

Grumblies are short- tempered and full of mischief, living in secret, hiding from the eyes of mankind. Poke, shake, tilt and roll them, but beware: the more you mess with Grumblies, the angrier they become. When they reach their breaking point, you could trigger a massive meltdown of rumbling rage! Each Grumblie cycles through different levels of anger as you play, and once their meltdown is in full swing, only you can calm them down. With over 40 angry reactions and custom sounds, each Grumblie has its own personality and design. There are currently 4 different Grumblies available including: Tremor, Scorch, Bolt and Hydro.


9. L.O.L Surprise House

The L.O.L. Surprise! House is the ultimate doll house for your L.O.L. Surprise Collectibles. Unpack the moving truck and unbox over 85 outrageous surprises to move the exclusive L.O.L. Surprise family (Doll, Lil’ Sister and Pet) into this 3-storey L.O.L. Surprise doll house with 6 amazing rooms. With lights and sounds, a working elevator, a real pool, a spa, a sandbox and a transforming rooftop patio, your L.O.L. surprise dolls can enjoy a life of luxury and keep life surprising’ in this spectacular doll house.

In-stock available for pre-order (limited stock):-

10. PlayStation Classic Mini Console

Older kids in your family, or even the adults, will love the Playstation Classic Mini Console for Christmas. This Playstation is a miniature recreation of the original PlayStation console and includes a HDMI cable to connect directly to a TV. This console mirrors the original PlayStation console with the same logo, button layout and packaging, however the new console is approximately 45% smaller than the original. Featuring a built-in virtual memory card, you can save your adventures as you switch between games, you can also enjoy multiplayer matches with friends and family with the two wired controllers in the box. And, with 20 preloaded games included you won’t run out of things to play for a while.

In-stock for pre-order, delivery on 3rd December:-

11. Fortnite Monopoly

Fortnite is currently the most popular thing to play in the gaming world, with fans of all ages, everywhere around the world. With quirky characters, catchy dances, exciting battles and new features added each day, Fortnite has become the most intense, addictive game there is. For hard-core fans of any age, there’s now Fortnite merch available which includes Fortnite Monopoly! The same game with a battle royale twist; Fortnite Monopoly draws inspiration from the video game allowing players to battle opponents, claim locations, loot chest items, earn health point chips and battle the storm to survive. With 27 Fortnite outfits and pawn stands little ones, older kids and mum and dad can get involved with this latest version of Monopoly.


  • Amazon – £21.99 with free UK delivery
  • Groupon – £21.98
  • IWOOT – £26.99 ( available for pre-order 26th November)
  • Smyths Toys – £21.99 (available for pre-order 19th-26th November)

Toys in-stock and information correct at time of publishing