The team here at have, like many people, been working from home over the past few months.

With the freedom this brings, meaning we’re no longer tied to a commute into the office, we wondered just how much relocating would save us.

We also discussed broadband signal. We’ve all been sat in a call over the past few months and had people drop off or freeze, causing meetings to take much longer than they should.

We researched and identified the best places you can relocate to, giving the work life balance we all crave, without having to compromise on wi-fi speeds.

Expensive cities where you’d expect broadband speeds to be super-fast, such as Newcastle and Glasgow, come right at the bottom of the 61 locations we studied.

London came 16th when looking at broadband speeds, offering on average 50 mbps. It was, perhaps unsurprisingly, the most expensive location for rent. A central 3 bed house would set you back £3,188 each month.

The coastal location of Crosby, in Merseyside was the highest non-city location on the list boasting 51.8 Mpbs and coming in 14th, crushing London in terms of speed and price. For a similar sized house in a central location, workers can expect to pay around £695 in rent, saving £2,493.

Even moving cities could help us get more house for our money, whilst improving, or only slightly decreasing broadband speeds.

It’s important to weigh up the consequences of the move and make sure it’s right for both you and your employer.

It’s deciding if you’d rather spend your lunchtime strolling the beach or an open green field instead of hitting the shops on Oxford Street.

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