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Cathy Crewdson portrait

Cathy Crewdson

Head of Partnerships

Joined NetVoucherCodes in 2009

Describe your responsibilities as Head of Partnerships

As the head of partnerships, I am the point of contact for many of the retailers listed on NetVoucherCodes. I work closely with them on a day-to-day basis to determine the best way to show our users their upcoming offers, by putting together plans on how to promote them across our site. I then coordinate the campaign to ensure all runs smoothly and goes live on time!

This includes collaborating with our other departments, ensuring the promotions are loaded onto the site accurately, artwork drawn up, newsletters scheduled and more. Another aspect of my role is to source codes that will only be exclusive to NetvoucherCodes users. For this I am able to pass on to the retailer what our users tend to look for from their brand and what we think works best, securing market-leading offers for our users. My job surely does keep me on my toes!

What's your favourite thing about your job role?

I get great satisfaction from helping a partnership between NetVoucherCodes and a retailer grow. Although this is very much a team effort with all departments at both NetVoucherCodes and the retailer team. I am in no way solely responsible, but I love to know that I've played a part in the flourishing relationship. Plus being the first point of contact means that I get to see the great feedback for our efforts first and enjoy being able to pass this on to the team.

In addition to this, having been in this role for so many years, (10+!)  has allowed me to form some great relationships within the affiliate space. I've seen contacts go off on maternity and then reconnect afterwards and get to hear updates on their little ones, as well as learn of their upcoming holidays, marriages and other milestones, which are always lovely to hear.

How can we save more online?

My advice for saving more online is to always check the retailer and category pages on NetVoucherCodes for the latest promotions, as these are regularly refreshed by our amazing loading team. I would also suggest becoming a member of NetVoucherCoder, which is completely free to do. This means you will receive regular newsletters, listing a selection of the strongest offers, many of the exclusive codes will feature in there too and we also try to get in some savings for upcoming brands that you may not have come across before.

Being a member also means you can participate in our fantastic competitions when we run them and possibly bag yourself some goodies, without even paying a penny.