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Joanne Jones portrait

Joanne Jones

HR & Accounts Director

Joined NetVoucherCodes in 2006

Is HR important to you?

Human Resources (HR) is extremely important to me! It is vital for any business with employees to be able to run effectively and smoothly. HR covers a wide variety of tasks related to business operations, but there are a few aspects which particularly give me great job satisfaction!

Ensuring you employ the right staff to meet the business requirements and that they also fit in well with the NetVoucherCodes team ethos. Staff training is another key area, it keeps them engaged and supports their growth and development.  Employees like to feel they are making progress in their careers, so making sure staff are trained, when necessary, will help keep the business running at its optimum level.

A listening ear is another major part of the HR role, if employees are struggling at work or even in their own private life, then the HR department can be their first port of call.  Whether it's just to be a sounding board or to offer further advice and guidance, we are here to help where we can, as all our employees are important to us, and their welfare is our number one priority.

The list does go on, but as you can tell, I am very passionate about HR, and it definitely does make a massive impact on the effectiveness of our business.

What does your day-to-day look like?

The day-to-day running of the HR department at varies greatly.  Some days I am preparing interview questions, and some days I am revisiting the policies and procedures documents. And other days I am carrying out appraisals for our employees.  It does vary greatly and that is what I enjoy, every day is different.  There is always something new to learn in the HR world as there are constant updates on best practices.  Keeping on top of the new legislation is very important too, so every day is a school day when it comes to HR!

Has your previous experience prepared you well for this role?

Definitely, I had a management role in my previous career and had many responsibilities from staff rotas to disciplinaries.  Thankfully, here at NetVoucherCodes, I don't really have to deal with the disciplinary side of things (touch wood) as our staff are carefully selected and we do our best to keep everyone happy in their job! I gained a Level 5 Diploma in Human Resources, so that knowledge along with my previous role has definitely given me the experience I need to carry out my HR duties here.