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Lewis Barnes portrait

Lewis Barnes

Jnr SEO & Digital Marketing

Joined NetVoucherCodes in 2020

What’s your role as part of the SEO & Content team?

Being part of the SEO & Content team at NetVoucherCodes is like being 1 part of a big jigsaw. Each member of the team contributes their bit and makes us what we are. My role within this varies, some tasks include data research for some of the content we put out, and some other tasks are a lot different like gathering data on potential new retailers to go on the site, or looking for potential links to point at our site.

Do you get a good work/life balance?

Yes, NetVoucherCodes offer a very good work/life balance. We’re a small team of about 20-30 which means we are essentially like one big family which allows us to be quite flexible.

What's your top tip for saving money online?

My top tip for saving money online is to always go to the footer of wherever you're shopping and see if they offer a discount for signing up for their newsletter. If you're a student / NHS worker / EX-Military always check for these as they often mean you can save wherever you shop online!