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Megan Palmer portrait

Megan Palmer

Partnerships Campaign Coordinator

Joined NetVoucherCodes in 2020

Describe your responsibilities within the partnerships team

Working for the NVC Partnerships team means I am the first port of call for our networks and brands. A typical workday includes a variety of tasks. But probably the most important one of all is communicating with retailers to secure exclusive voucher codes! Exclusives are a huge asset to the company which is why I and my colleagues put a lot of dedication into building and maintaining strong relationships with our brands.

Another key task of mine is organising and building our fantastic newsletter. I work with brands to ensure only the best deals & codes are available and collaborate with the graphics & development team on a weekly basis.

Do you get a good work/life balance?

Yes! Alongside my role at NetVoucherCodes, I am a part-time nail technician. This job allows me to be super flexible with my working hours and I love being able to divide my time between two jobs that I enjoy so much. It also helps that my colleagues are my friends. Work often doesn’t feel like ‘work’ and we’re always giggling over something in the office!

Can you disclose your most successful savings tips?

Where do I start? There are so many ways to save money online that a lot don’t realise. Our retailer pages here at NVC are fantastic because not online will you find discount codes and offers, but they also offer more ways you can save like joining the rewards programme or referring friends. These little tips are so helpful if you’re a regular shopper at a specific store.