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Mitch Barnes portrait

Mitch Barnes

SEO & Digital Marketing

Joined NetVoucherCodes in 2018

What’s your role as part of the SEO & Content team?

As part of the SEO & Content team, I’m involved in generating new and interesting content ideas through my own research and collaborating with the rest of the team. From there, I ensure our ideas materialise into great pieces of content and get the visibility they deserve. I’m also responsible for creating and maintaining awareness for NetVoucherCodes and our partners via Google Adwords and several other social media channels.

How can people get started with saving more online?

Personally, I believe the money management skills you rely on in everyday life are just as relevant when shopping online. This means minimising impulse purchases and spending sprees, and instead, planning ahead to ensure anything you do buy is a meaningful purchase. Bookmarking products, signing up for our newsletter and keeping up to date with your favourite brands’ social channels are great ways to inform you of the best time to buy something. And of course, always use a discount code where possible!

What's your top tip for saving money online?

Besides checking NetVoucherCodes before you buy, having a quick look to see if the retailer offers a sign-up discount is always a nice easy way to bag an extra 10% off your order, which often covers delivery.