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Rebecca Bebbington portrait

Rebecca Bebbington

Content Manager & Writer

Joined NetVoucherCodes in 2016

What does your job role as Content Manager entail?

I’d say my biggest responsibility is managing our close team of content writers here at NVC. Each and every one of them plays a massive part in creating and regulating the content on our retailer pages, blog and social media channels, so it’s my duty to support the team, organise workloads and provide feedback.

I also write optimised content for our retailer pages and blog, including ways our users can save money online with their favourite brands. This involves hosting regular ideation meetings with the team, keeping track of current trends and analysing competitor activity. My work also extends to liaising with our PR Team to approve press releases, forwarding our latest guides and collaborating on ideas for the upcoming months.

Social media is another key part of my role. As a team, we’re always coming up with new ideas for campaigns, communicating with our partnerships team to host weekly and monthly competitions and keeping track of the ever-evolving viral trends. Having such a diverse role makes my job super exciting and never fails to keep me on my toes!

What do you love the most about Content Marketing?

This is a really tough question, as I really do love everything about content marketing! But I think what makes it so exciting is that every day is different. I thoroughly love the challenge of collaborating our money-saving ethos with the latest news & trends. The daily news can be negative, so one thing I love to do is ask myself, how can I use this to help others? Putting a positive spin on otherwise draining news can really uplift & reassure people when times are tough.

And while I’ve always had a flare for creative writing, being able to play around with that while working at NetVoucherCodes has been so much fun. Together with my fantastic team, we’ve devised our unique brand voice which truly reflects who we are and what we believe in! This makes it all the more rewarding when we land links and great coverage in popular news outlets.

Do you practice what you preach when it comes to money-saving?

I’d like to think so. Having been with the company now for 6 years and counting, I’ve gotten pretty good at hunting down the best deals - and I’m still learning every day! One thing I always make sure of is that I never shop online without using a discount code. There’s almost always a saving to be had, whether it be a first-order code or an exclusive saving from NVC - I’d be a fool not to. And you simply can’t beat the excitement of saving money, no matter how much it is. I think that’s the reason I love sharing my knowledge with others.

However, I’d say my true money-saving abilities shone after purchasing my first house. Working on a budget meant it was impossible to splurge on luxuries, but instead, find alternative ways to get what I needed on a budget! Shopping in outlet stores, waiting for sales, haggling and repurposing broken or second-hand goods are just a few of my top tips.