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Robert Jones portrait

Robert Jones

Content Operations & Social Media

Joined NetVoucherCodes in 2022

What are your key job roles as part of the Content Operations Team?

As a newbie, my key roles here at NVC currently involve helping out the team, shadowing, and soaking in all the knowledge and wisdom they have gained in their experience working here. I currently look for deals and codes that we can put on the site, which is surprisingly more fun than it sounds as some companies will hide vouchers on their sites- so I feel like NetVoucherCodes very own Steve Irwin hunting down codes- “Crikey! There’s a discount here.”

I'm also working closely with the partnerships team with the aim of eventually looking after some of our clients on the site. Down the line, the plan is to work on some of our social media channels like TikTok to help grow our community and help as many people as possible discover great deals and save money.

What do you love about working here?

I have always been quite a thrifty person. I’m the kind of person who stands in the supermarket seeing how much I’m paying per 100g for an item to see if it really is a better price than the item next to it. There’s always a release of endorphins when we grab ourselves a good bargain and I get that feeling when I upload codes for our customers to use.

It feels great to know that customers will benefit from all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. The enthusiasm from the whole team really makes you want to work hard as we all enjoy what we are doing.

What’s the biggest saving you’ve ever made?

That’s a hard one! Two that come to mind are that I purchased a broken bass guitar from my local tip’s reuse shop for £20 which turned out to be a £300 bass that I ended up restoring. Also, after being gifted a medicine cabinet that looked very old-fashioned (I absolutely adored how it looked) I did some research and found out it was worth £140! So I would definitely recommend researching old antiques, they might just be worth a fortune.